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Working in Unison

The Sardarni Kartar Kaur Trust has donated over 300 masks and their tailoring students continue to make more masks with each passing day, as a part of their endeavour to help India fight the battle against coronavirus.

Geetanjali Singh who runs the day-to-day affairs at the tailoring school of the Trust says, “We wanted to do our part, something worthwhile that will help society while keeping the girls engaged. So, we came up with the idea of masks.”

“The masks that are being made by the girls from Sardarni Kartar Kaur Educational Society are for the residents, local hospitals and other government institutions of Mauli Jagran. It’s our way of saying thank you to the heroes of the pandemic,” she adds.

Bumble Bee is the name of the brand under which the products of the Sardarni Kartar Kaur Educational Society’s (SKKS) training schools are being distributed and sold. The society was established in 2002 by Late. Brig. Jagir Singh as a charitable organization based in Mauli Jagran. The society provides free sewing classes for the rural women at its premises and teaches them weaving and knitting so that they can become financially self-reliant.

The school also makes pyjamas for kids and mothers under the Bumble Bee brand.

“Ever since the lockdown was announced, the school has been undertaking the production of face masks from cotton cloth as we believed this was a way in which the school could best serve society and at the same time the women themselves- students of the school- to support their family financially during this lockdown period,” says Geetanjali.

“We are happy to be able to do our bit and we have plans to make even more masks in the coming weeks. There are countless organisations that are still in need of masks but find it difficult to pay for it. We sincerely believe that the best way to fight this pandemic is by coming together and working in unison. This is our way of contributing,” she concludes.

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