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This March, 105arts proudly presents “A Black & White Love Story.”

Featuring debut artworks by leading internationally acclaimed Indian contemporary artists, this exhibition explores the monochrome spectrum with a diverse range of mediums, exclusively curated for Chandigarh.

Join us for the Preview Evening on March 8, from 5pm to 8pm.

The Public Viewing runs from March 9 to March 15, between 11am and 6pm.

Location: 105arts, Sector 11, Chandigarh.

Mehak Bhan

“COLOR is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive. It creates this amazing dreamscape that color probably never can. The depth, the contrast, the polar opposite yet the complementing compatible nature of these two stark colors form the theme of our art exhibition, ‘A Black and White Love Story,’ opening to the public this March 9, 2024,” says Mehak Bhan, the curator and director of 105arts gallery.

Featuring a unique collection carefully curated to transcend the boundaries of color, this exhibition invites viewers to immerse themselves in a realm where shades of black and white transform into a canvas of boundless creativity and imagination.

“In this carefully curated collection, we present a diverse array of artworks that transcend the boundaries of colour, inviting one to immerse themselves in a realm where shades of black and white transform into a canvas of boundless creativity and imagination,” says Mehak Bhan.

This exhibition marks a first for the city, as internationally acclaimed Indian contemporary artists have crafted works exclusively for 105arts, exploring the theme of black and white.

The curator, Mehak Bhan, shares her vision: “My aim has always been to bring to Chandigarh new forms, new themes of art that stir an emotion, trigger a thought and initiate a dialogue.”

For the artists involved, such as Nagesh Goud and Dr. Laxman Aelay, this exhibition provides a platform to explore the powerful nuances of black and white. Nagesh Goud remarks, “Black, for me, is the most powerful colour. It’s neutral, yet it plays a dominating role and impacts more. Artists love to play with the black and white medium.”

Join us for a journey into the captivating world of monochrome at ‘A Black & White Love Story.’

Preview Evening by invitation: March 8, 5pm – 8pm.

Public Viewing: March 9-15, 2024, 11am – 6pm.

Venue: 105arts, Sector 11, Chandigarh.

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