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From Vision to Reality

As helping disabled people embodies the fundamental principles of compassion, empathy, and inclusion within society, HOPE – Happiness Offered for People Everywhere, a club at Dikshant International School, has set an ideal example worth emulating for all. The club recently held a photography exhibition, and a temporary canteen was also set up to raise funds for helping physically challenged individuals.
“Utilizing the funds raised, we initiated the distribution of wheelchairs to various places, including parks, religious institutions, old age homes, and lepers’ colonies, to enhance the mobility and quality of life for differently-abled individuals. We plan to donate 80 wheelchairs during the session,” said Idant, President of the HOPE club and a Class XII student at Dikshant International School.
Wheelchairs were given to Chandigarh’s Kali Bari Mandir and Sai Temple at a small ceremony held at the Press Club; the wheelchairs will be used by physically challenged devotees when they visit the temples. Later, members of the HOPE Club interacted with the media.
Muskan, who has been a part of the project right from the inception, added, “It all started about a year ago when HOPE Club members conducted a survey on ‘Disabled-Friendly Infrastructure,’ and we found that most buildings in Chandigarh were not ‘disabled-friendly.’ So we launched a petition, focusing on the provision of rights for the disabled. We realized the magnitude of the problem, and we had to do more. We couldn’t sit back and wait for change. We had to be the change.”
The HOPE Club Is now busy enhancing the quality of life of the disabled and is also trying to foster a more equitable and accessible world for them.
To motivate and recognize these volunteers, the app will offer certificates upon completing certain hours of service, incentivizing youth engagement and participation.
It Is to be noted that 2.21% of the Indian population is disabled, totaling a whopping 26 million people, so a lot needs to be done to help this important segment of society join the mainstream.
“To achieve this objective, HOPE Club invites all like-minded individuals, organizations, and volunteers to join their mission in building a more inclusive world. Together, we can create a brighter future for all, regardless of the abilities of physically challenged individuals,” said Mitul.

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