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Rhythm in Resilience: The Inspiring Tale of Riti Awasthi

In the symphony of life, there are tales that resonate with extraordinary resilience and unwavering determination. Amongst these stories is the inspiring journey of Riti Awasthi, a young artist whose passion for music transcends barriers, echoing a melodious saga of courage and perseverance.
The inspiring tale of Riti Awasthi unfolds a narrative woven with dedication and the unyielding pursuit of musical excellence despite visual impairment. Encouragement and opportunities at various school events propelled Riti forward, defying limitations imposed by visual challenges and fostering a deep-rooted passion for singing.
The tale of Riti Awasthi serves as a testament to the triumph of the human spirit, a melody of resilience that inspires and resonates with all who dare to dream, regardless of the challenges they face. Know more about her inspiring journey in this exclusive interview!
How did your journey in music begin, and what inspired you to pursue singing despite being visually impaired?
My journey in music started at school, where a music teacher heard my voice and encouraged me to perform at various events, inspiring me to pursue singing despite my visual impairment.
Can you share some memorable moments or experiences from your participation in Himalayan’s Got Talent?
Participating in Himalayan’s Got Talent introduced me to renowned singers, like Himachali Singer Karnail Rana, and provided me with unique experiences that widened my musical horizons.
What challenges have you faced as a visually impaired artist in the music industry, and how have you overcome them?
As a visually impaired artist, I encountered challenges, but with the guidance of my music Guruji, I learned to navigate these obstacles in the music industry.
How do you prepare yourself for performances, and do you have any specific rituals or routines before going on stage?
Before performances, meticulous preparation by my Guruji and drawing strength from past experiences at school functions have been crucial in preparing for the stage.
Who are your musical influences or role models, and how have they impacted your singing style?
My musical idol is Abida Parveen ji, whose Sufi kalams have significantly influenced my singing style.
Could you tell us about the support system that has helped you throughout your musical journey?
The support of my parents, Guruji, and a dear friend has been instrumental throughout my musical journey.
What message or advice would you give to other visually impaired individuals aspiring to pursue their passions, especially in the field of music?
To other visually impaired individuals pursuing their passions, I would advise seeking guidance from mentors and dedicating themselves to hard work and practice to achieve their aspirations.
Apart from singing, do you have other interests or hobbies that you enjoy?
Besides singing, I enjoy listening to and reciting poetry, particularly that of Rahat Indori ji.

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