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The Game Changer!

The transformative role of sports in nurturing individual talents and fortifying communities is profound and far-reaching. It’s a dynamic force that not only challenges physical limits but also fosters personal development, community cohesion, and social progress.

In this context, Preet Bhupinder’s story stands out as a compelling testament to the power of sports in driving positive transformation. As the founder of Tricity Badminton Smashers and the force behind the Save World Foundation Trust, his journey from being a badminton player to a community leader exemplifies how sports can be a foundation for broader societal impact.

In an exclusive interview for our Cover Story, we explore Bhupinder’s multifaceted life, uncovering the inspirations and aspirations that fuel his endeavors. His transition from representing India in badminton to becoming an entrepreneurial success and a committed social activist offers valuable insights into the potential of sports to cultivate leadership, resilience, and a sense of purpose.

Bhupinder’s initiatives, from nurturing young badminton talent to addressing critical issues through his foundation, highlight the role of sports as a unifying and empowering force. Join us as we delve into this inspiring journey, revealing how one individual’s passion for sports can ignite a movement of community empowerment and societal betterment!

Can you share the inspiration behind founding Tricity Badminton Smashers and Save World Foundation Trust, and how did your personal experiences, including representing India in badminton during your youth, shape these initiatives?

Undoubtedly, sports improve physical health, mental well-being, teamwork, leadership development, and overall quality of life – invaluable skills in all aspects. This inspired me to establish Tricity Badminton Smashers Club. We are on the verge of establishing the ‘Save World Foundation’ to repay what I’ve earned from badminton to the community. My journey in badminton, starting at age 7, and my success as an immigration consultant, owe everything to the skills learned through sports.

As a Grade 2 badminton umpire and with 45 years of playing experience, how has your journey in badminton influenced your approach to community service and social impact through Tricity Badminton Smashers?

Playing for 45 years led me to take up umpiring. This exposed me to the challenges players face, especially financial constraints. This realization inspired me to establish Tricity Badminton Smashers, providing training, equipment, and support to needy players.

Can you elaborate on the mission of the Save World Foundation Trust?

Our mission spans various fields like drug awareness, health, education, women’s empowerment, environment, and more. We aim to open academies for underprivileged players, aggressively focusing on education and literacy through various platforms.

Tricity Badminton Smashers is organizing its 4th edition. What impact have the previous editions had on the local badminton community, and what improvements or new elements can participants and spectators expect in the upcoming edition?

Previous editions focused on drug awareness and eye donation, gaining significant support. The 4th edition aims to exceed expectations, with more goodwill generated and increased participant expectations.

Additionally, we’re planning events throughout 2024, from badminton tournaments to athletic meets. Our goal is to start academies for underprivileged players in every city. We’re also reaching out to organizations like Tynor Orthotics and Coca Cola for support.

In your extensive journey, what advice do you have for individuals looking to combine their passion for sports, community service, and social impact to make a positive difference in the world?

Sports can drive social change. Engage the community through sports initiatives to address social issues. Play at least one sport in your life and contribute to making the world a better place!

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