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Redefining Beauty: Pratyusha Ghosh Bhattacharya’s Empowering Victory

In a tale that resonates with resilience and empowerment, Pratyusha Ghosh Bhattacharya, a city-bred girl from Chandigarh, emerged victorious, clinching the prestigious title of Maven Ms. Plus Size India 2023 at a national-level pageant held recently in the heart of the country.

Reflecting on her journey, Pratyusha remarked, “If girls are provided a support system from family, they can achieve anything and everything.” Her triumph not only encapsulated her personal achievement but also carried a resounding message challenging societal norms on beauty and advocating for body positivity and self-acceptance.

Humble Beginnings

Pratyusha’s story weaves through the corridors of Chandigarh, where she pursued her education at Carmel Convent School, later earning a B Tech degree from Chitkara University and pursuing an MBA from the prestigious Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Hyderabad.

Behind her triumph stood a resilient foundation—a mother’s unwavering courage, a brother serving as a Major in the Indian Army, and her in-laws and husband who became her pillars of strength. “My mother has been a fighter and it was her never-say-die instinct that led me to sign up for this pageant. My family, especially my husband and in-laws, have been my constant support,” Pratyusha shared.

An Indomitable Determination

Navigating life’s challenges after losing her father a few years ago, Pratyusha’s determination and inner strength, inherited from her parents and in-laws, propelled her to the top. “Size shouldn’t be a barrier for anyone to pursue their aspirations. We need to challenge societal standards and encourage acceptance of all body types,” she affirmed.

Highlighting the prevalent issues faced by young women, Pratyusha emphasized the criticality of self-love, particularly in the face of influencer culture and rampant body shaming on social media platforms. “Ridiculing someone based on their physical appearance affects mental health. My voice advocates for every body type; it’s about respect and inclusivity,” she asserted.

Surpassing Stereotypes

Looking beyond labels and stereotypes, Pratyusha aims to inspire women, irrespective of size, to embrace their uniqueness. As she stands as a beacon of confidence and style in the realm of plus-size modeling, she passionately advocates for accepting flaws and insecurities, believing that these are what define individuality.

In her message to aspiring young girls, Pratyusha ardently urges them never to relinquish their dreams and embrace their true selves wholeheartedly.

Currently serving as an e-commerce manager in Bangalore, Pratyusha attributes her victory to the guidance and mentorship of Hardeep Arora. “Under his tutelage, I found the confidence to shine on this platform,” she acknowledged, while recognizing the impact of supportive mentors in her remarkable journey.

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