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Walking for a Cause!

In a heartfelt tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the all PINK Walkathon was recently organized by NGO Tammana on at Sukhna Lake.
The Founder President, Isha Kakaria, said that since October is dedicated annually to educating everyone about breast cancer, blending celebration with quiet reflection and mourning, Walkathon aimed to Support the Fighters, Admire the Survivors, and Honour the Taken.
Creating Awareness 
NGO’s 152nd monthly event focused on educating participants about how breast cancer manifests differently for each person, sometimes with no visible symptoms. Vigilance for warning signs such as new lumps, swelling, skin and size changes, nipple abnormalities, or pain in any area of the breast was emphasized. It is crucial to consult a doctor promptly if any changes were noticed, as early detection is imperative.
Member Kamalpreet Kaur shared that wearing PINK to support the cause, the team gathered and walked around Sukhna Lake with pink balloons and distributed pink roses, and informatory literature, amongst the general public at the Lake.
The event raised awareness about how early detection can save lives , shared Dr. Rajandeep Singh Sethi , Consultant Cancer Surgeon who graced the event with his presence.
Making an Impact
As the sun set, the Walkathon concluded, leaving behind a stronger sense of awareness and support for those affected by breast cancer.
NGO Tammana is dedicated to making a meaningful impact on society through its diverse range of initiatives. With 15 years of unwavering dedication, Tammana continues to inspire and drive change, making the world a better place for all.

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