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The Artistic Odyssey of Maditiss

Step into the world of boundless creativity and artistic brilliance as we sit down with the remarkable Aditi Mittal, the visionary founder behind Maditiss – a Multi-Disciplinary Design Studio based in Tricity.

With an unwavering passion for art and design, Aditi’s journey into this enchanting realm began as a pure love affair, blooming into a thriving career that knows no bounds. Join us as we delve into the fascinating tale of how this artist extraordinaire transforms raw imagination into captivating masterpieces, one stroke at a time. Get ready to be inspired by her unique approach to creativity, her unwavering dedication to her craft, and her ability to challenge conventions with every brushstroke. This is an interview that promises to ignite the sparks of inspiration within every creative soul. Welcome to the world of Maditiss!

Introduce yourself and share a bit about your background and journey into the world of design.

My name is Aditi Mittal, but I go by the name Maditiss. Art has been a part of my life since forever, but my professional journey started in 2015 with the name Maditiss. Although my educational background is in MA Clinical Psychology, my experience in design comes from hands-on experience and self-training. I have a special connection to the tricity as I grew up here, from my education to my professional life. Chandigarh, as a city, has provided me with the time and space to explore myself and my craft.

What inspired you to pursue a career in this industry?

To be honest, there was no specific inspiration for this journey. I simply had a sheer love for art and design, and I always felt in my heart that I wanted to pursue it. Once I made the decision, opportunities seemed to present themselves, and I chose to take them and give my best.

Can you tell us the story behind the name of your studio?

The story behind the name Maditiss is actually quite funny! Back in school, when I was in 11th grade, my friends and I were discussing my artwork during our breaks. They came up with the name Maditiss as a lighthearted suggestion. Little did we know that what started as a funny thing would become my identity over the years! It’s a constant reminder of how I always wanted to create and grow forever.

How do you nurture your creativity and keep the passion alive?

Nurturing creativity can be tricky, especially when you are working on commercial projects. But for me, collaborating with different people and working on both commercial and personal projects helps nurture my creativity. I try to enjoy and learn as much as I can, and the motto is to keep moving forward!

Could you walk us through your creative process? From the initial idea to the final product, how do you bring your artworks to life?

The creative process varies from project to project. Usually, it starts with working on the brief, breaking down the idea into its simplest form to understand the purpose and execution of the product. Communication is key, and no matter how vague the idea, clear communication makes executions simpler and smoother.

As an artist, how do you describe your signature style?

I would say my signature style is still a work in progress as I am still exploring myself and my designing. Despite people recognizing my work, I believe there is still time to define my style.

Tell us about a project or artwork that challenged you the most. How did you overcome the obstacles, and what did you learn from that experience?

Every project or artwork has its challenges and learning opportunities. One instance that challenged me the most was a set design project for an indie music video shoot for Anuv Jain. The challenge was to create 13 sets based on the script within a timeline of just 10 days. Rehearsals and the shoot were supposed to happen consecutively, adding to the pressure. It was my first set design project, and forming a quality team within the time constraints was a major challenge. With the help of an amazing team, I managed to pull it off, realizing the importance of teamwork and trust. I learned that growth is not a solo journey; others involved can build trust and help you grow.

How do you engage with your audience and customers? Do you find that social media or other platforms play a significant role in promoting your work?

Social media, especially Instagram, plays a major role in engaging with my audience and customers. It helps me connect with like-minded individuals and creative professionals. Social media has become crucial in generating word-of-mouth promotion, especially in today’s times when in-person interactions have become limited.

Apart from ceramics, do you explore other art forms or mediums to complement your creations?

Yes, apart from ceramics, I work on installations with materials such as cement and pop, murals, visual identity design, illustrations, and creative direction. Maditiss is a multidisciplinary design studio where I explore various forms and mediums that complement my creations.

Are there any particular themes or messages you like to convey through your art? What emotions or responses do you hope to evoke in your viewers?

When it comes to creating art as an expression, I make a lot of comics that are mostly for my personal safekeeping. Whatever I put out in the world is based on creating simple analogies for bigger dialogues. Even my commercial work intends to showcase that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

As a budding clay artist, what are some of the challenges you face in the industry? How do you overcome them?

In my ceramic practice, I have realized that challenges in this industry are never-ending. They might vary from working on the clay body to dealing with breakage, managing inventories, and equipment while creating a piece. Overcoming challenges becomes a part of the process, a learning curve, and a path to growth.

Where do you see yourself and your clay art journey in the next few years?

I don’t have a specific end goal in mind. I have always made my own path by diligently walking on it rather than deciding the end destination. I see myself continuing to do what I am doing with full dedication. As for the future, who knows what’s in store for me? Perhaps a big studio or a brand name, or something entirely surprising!

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