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Chandigarh’s Rising Star!

In the heart of Chandigarh, a trailblazing scientist named Nikhil Anand has illuminated the path to victory in the remarkable saga of Chandrayaan-3. Hailing from this vibrant city, Nikhil’s brilliance has left an indelible mark on the monumental journey of Chandrayaan-3.

A scientist with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Nikhil has been a part of Chandrayaan-3 mission’s launch team at Sriharikota. However, his journey to this celestial accomplishment was not always scripted among the stars!

Humble Beginnings

In the earlier chapters of his life, Nikhil’s aspirations were within the chambers of the Chandigarh district courts, where the echoes of justice prevail. Little did he know that destiny, much like the cosmos he now explores, had grander designs in store for him as a scientist.

The Pillars of Support

Nikhil’s family background paints a canvas of dedication and excellence. His mother, Sangeeta Kumari, serves as an Assistant Audit Officer at the esteemed office of the Accountant General in Haryana, while his father, Lallan Thakur, contributes his legal acumen as an advocate at the Chandigarh district court. The threads of brilliance don’t end there – Nikhil’s sister, Shikha Shalini, adds to the tapestry of achievement by her role as an AAO in the Western Command in Chandigarh.

Amidst their accomplishments, the Anand family’s pride swells even further as they celebrate Nikhil’s pivotal role in ISRO’s historic achievement. ” We are proud that he was part of the historic team of ISRO. Soon after the news of Chandrayaan -3 landing went viral, our friends came to our home to congratulate us. It’s a memorable time for our family.”,” shared his father, encapsulating the joyous atmosphere that envelops their home.

A Strong Educational Foundation

Reflecting upon Nikhil’s educational journey, Lallan delves into the origins of his inquisitive mind.

” Nikhil always had an interest in mechanical things since childhood. After clearing his Class 12, he was more keen on going into careers related to mechanical things.” Nikhil’s educational foundation was laid at the Government Model School of Sector 35 for his Class 10 and the Government Model Senior Secondary School of Sector 40 for his Class 12.

His thirst for knowledge led him to pursue a BTech degree from Chandigarh University in Gharuan, Mohali, followed by an LLB degree from a distinguished law college in Saharanpur. It was here that he started to cultivate an interest in law, a passion that he embraced by becoming a member of the District Bar Association (DBA) in Chandigarh.

Navigating the crossroads of ambition, Nikhil’s journey took an unexpected turn after his initial semester pursuing MTech from PEC (Punjab Engineering College). Like the stars aligning in the night sky, he secured a spot as a scientist with ISRO. Guided by his unwavering passion and supported by the necessary permissions, Nikhil successfully completed his MTech while contributing his brilliance to ISRO’s groundbreaking endeavors.

An Inspiration for All

Nikhil Anand’s story stands as an inspiring testament to the fusion of dreams, dedication, and destiny. From contemplating a career within courtrooms to launching into the cosmic frontiers, his journey encapsulates the essence of reaching for the stars, and in doing so, touching the galaxies within ourselves.

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