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Hops N Grains Microbrewery Introduces Augmented Reality-Enhanced Artwork

In an unprecedented blend of art and technology, Amritanshu Agrawal and Priyanka Gupta, the visionary founders behind the acclaimed microbrewery, Hops n Grains, located in Panchkula, have joined forces with the esteemed visual and spoken word artist, curator, and artpreneur, Angad B Sodhi, to introduce Tricity to its inaugural Augmented Reality (AR) powered artwork, promising an unparalleled immersive journey.

This groundbreaking initiative signifies a pivotal moment in the city’s cultural evolution, heralding a new chapter of artistic innovation. Through the innovative lens of AR, spectators are transported into a realm where creativity knows no boundaries, seamlessly merging digital elements with the tangible world, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

“Seeking to infuse our microbrewery space with artistry, we aimed for something extraordinary, captivating, and enduring—a piece that would ignite conversations. Angad’s vision perfectly aligned with ours,” express Priyanka and Amritanshu. Renowned for their pioneering spirit—having introduced the first microbrewery and European-inspired bean-to-bar café, Mozimo, as well as setting trends in craft beer and gourmet chocolate in the Tricity—the duo is poised to invigorate their art space with Angad’s AR masterpiece.

Overflowing with creativity, Angad perceives art’s evolution in how it’s experienced. “Nowadays, our interaction with art primarily occurs through screens, offering us the opportunity to craft more tangible narratives. My aim is to create stories that you can immerse yourself in, integrate into your communication, and derive direct, tangible benefits from,” he shares.

Unraveling the Concept: Behind the Artwork

“From our standpoint as a legacy brand, the artwork needed to not only convey the essence and narrative of our microbrewery but also play a pivotal role in brand building and community engagement. As pioneers in our field and art enthusiasts, we’ve always aimed to offer this city something exclusive, impactful, and trendsetting. When Angad presented his concept—a captivating fusion of art and technology—we knew it was the perfect fit. It’s transformative, capable of transcending physical boundaries to become a narrator, storyteller, and connector,” remarks Priyanka.

For Angad, the creative process unfolded seamlessly. Drawing from his background as a food writer, he intricately wove elements representing beer’s fundamental ingredients—hops, grains/barley, and water—alongside references to ancient Egypt, where beer’s origins are traced. “Beer, comprising hops and grains/barley, traces its roots back to ancient Egypt. Drawing inspiration from this, we crafted whimsical characters and incorporated Egyptian hieroglyphs, evoking the ambiance of a pharaoh’s tomb, with nods to the Egyptian god and goddess of beer, Osiris and Nephthys,” explains Angad. The artwork, spanning 8 by 8 feet, has been meticulously painted onto wooden boards, with the AR effect activated by scanning the image, akin to a QR code. Through AR, viewers are introduced to the delightful characters of ‘Hoppy’ and his companions, inhabiting a beer-centric world floating along the river Nile, bridging ancient Egypt to contemporary times.

The Vision

Spotlighting this artwork aims to shift perspectives and invest in a long-term strategy of storytelling. Priyanka emphasizes, “Businesses can significantly enhance their value by leveraging the power of art. A transformative artwork, with AR, introduces a new layer atop physical works, offering a glimpse into virtual reality and total immersion in the metaverse. This is the future—a life in the metaverse with invisible buttons and virtual reality glasses for access. Currently, smartphones and user-friendly apps like Instagram or SparkAR serve as gateways to this experience by seamlessly integrating their camera with yours to scan and interpret QR codes,” elucidates Angad, a fervent advocate of the ‘Support the Living Artists’ movement. “With AR at its core, it represents an exhilarating fusion of art and technology. So, drop by, click, scan, and prepare to be amazed,” concludes Priyanka.

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