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USM to Dedicate Khalsa Health Centre, Bias Pind soon to the People of Punjab

Led by Chairman Rashpal Singh Khalsa, the United Sikh Mission (USM) has launched a significant initiative to enhance the accessibility and affordability of health services globally, particularly in rural areas. Khalsa emphasized the mission’s commitment to empowering communities by addressing healthcare disparities, preventing medical illnesses, and fostering peace.

The construction of the ‘Khalsa Health Centre’ in Bias village, Jalandhar, began in June and is expected to be completed by October 2024, dedicated to serving the needy in rural regions in memory of Mata Pal Kaur and Mata Swaran Kaur.

Since 2005, USM’s “Mission For Vision” has conducted 60 eye camps in Punjab, covering over 600 villages. Beyond eye care, USM has organized 40 camps at various locations year-round, serving the underprivileged. By the end of 2023, USM aims to reach nearly 600 eye camps in 19 years.

Rashpal Singh highlighted the comprehensive reach of their “Mission for Vision” across 17 districts, encompassing 75% of Punjab’s region. This year’s camps, which began on September 18th, not only provided free eye check-ups but also included provisions for free medicines, eye care, spectacles, eye surgeries, and meals, with a total impact of 8719 OPD, 1165 surgeries, 5060 spectacles, and 10903 medicines in 21 camps.

In an environmentally conscious move, USM installed solar panels at significant religious sites, reducing power consumption by 33%.

The completed initiative is documented in a film produced under the Sikhlens Community Voices Initiative, available on the USM website. USM is also working on a film titled ‘The Untold Story,’ focusing on their role in the creation of the Sri Kartarpur Sahib Corridor, with filming set to commence in the first quarter of 2024.

Rashpal Singh emphasized proactive measures to protect USM’s logos and foundation name, safeguarding trademarks and intellectual property rights. He appealed for support from individuals and organizations, seeking patrons for long-term healthcare and education goals.

Rashpal Singh expressed gratitude to partners, specifically acknowledging Sikhlens in the Community Voices Initiative.

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