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Twin Talents Conquer the Stage!

Talented dancers Tanya and Tanisha, who are 13-year-old twin sisters from the tricity, have clinched two gold medals at the recently concluded World Dance Festival in South Korea. Tanya and Tanisha were chosen to represent North India in the Dance Festival organized by the International Dance Organization (IDO) in South Korea. The twin sisters have not only brought laurels to the tricity but also to the entire country. More than 20 nations participated in the championship.

It is noteworthy that the twin sisters have been training at the Rockstar Academy since they were merely 4 years old. The academy boasts a total of 18 branches in the tricity and its surrounding areas.

Dancing to Victory

At a press conference held at the Press Club, Tanya and Tanisha, along with their mentors Rockstar Academy Managing Director and Dance Director, Sameer Mahajan, and co-founder of the academy, Ms. Sakshi Rauthan, and their father Vinod Kumar, shared details about the remarkable achievement of the twin sisters.

Tanya and Tanisha attribute their achievement to self-belief and consistent training. Tanya stated, “We secured two gold medals in the categories of ‘Modern Contemporary’ and ‘Folklore,’ and we are immensely proud of this accomplishment.” Tanisha added, “We dedicatedly worked towards competing at the international level. Our performance in Korea has ignited a greater determination to excel in future competitions.”

The Dancing Gems

Sameer Mahajan, also an actor, performer, and choreographer, revealed that the pair had showcased their talents at the Dance World Cup in Bengaluru in April, where they secured the first position among numerous contestants. Additionally, the twins emerged victorious at the Asia Pacific Dance Congress held in Dubai in June. Sameer shared that the World Dance Festival was an event organized by IDO, Korea. He added that he is the Brand Ambassador of IDO India (North) for Performing Arts and also oversees Folk and Couple Dances. He highlighted that Sakshi Rauthan had also clinched a gold medal in Seoul in the ‘Folk Lore-Solo category.’

The twins mentioned that it’s natural to feel nervous in the presence of international-level artists, but their teachers had consistently instilled in them the belief in themselves and their skills, a belief they carried onto the stage. The twins emphasized that participating in various competitions and reality shows over the years had fostered their confidence, leading to victories at various levels.

“Sameer Sir, Sakshi Ma’am, and Harpreet Ma’am have served as our mentors and inspirations for excellence. The unwavering support and guidance of our parents have motivated us to excel in dance,” said Tanya.

An Unflinching Perseverance

Regarding their daily routine, Tanisha explained, “We engage in daily dance classes and study sessions, and also allocate time for personal activities such as watching dance videos, playing games, and spending quality time with family.”

The twin sisters shared that their next aspiration is to learn and explore diverse dance styles. They are determined to enhance their skills and partake in forthcoming events at both national and international levels.

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