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Skating Sensation Janvi Claims Silver at National Championship

Skater Janvi recently won Silver at the ongoing 1st Inter District National Roller-Skating Championship being held in Dhelpur, Punjab, from April 26th to 2nd May 2023.

She won the same in the Classic Slalom, Freestyle category which is performing various tricky moves within 3 lines of cones. Each line of cones has 20 cones separated by 50, 80, and 120 cm in these 3 lines. Some of the toughest tricks she does involve balancing and moving between cones on one single wheel out of 8 wheels (4 each on 2 skates). Her strongest point lies in doing elegant dance moves within cones with balance on one wheel.

Performing Bhangra on Skates!

She also performed Bhangra on Skates within the rules of the game i.e. doing Bhangra while moving between cones without knocking them off. She is the first who has been able to induct & perform a traditional dance form in this game, abiding by the rules of the game. While talking to her, she said that she wants to combine more traditional dance moves within game rules which is one of the toughest things to do & no one has ever attempted the same. She wants to take this as a Challenge to motivate others that the Passion for Dance can be combined with Sports. This will help more and more young kids join sports.

Not to forget, she learnt freestyle skating of her own through the Internet as there was no coach of the same available in the region. She wants kids to utilize the internet for their development & not for destruction.

Creating History

She has not only introduced Bhangra on skates but has also become the first Indian skater to roll downstairs on skates. Her record-breaking accomplishments have earned her a place in the India Book of Records.

Janvi’s journey in the world of skating began when she was just five years old. She learnt all the skills from her father, who himself had no experience in skating and did it through the Internet and YouTube. Despite this, Janvi’s dedication and hard work allowed her to excel in the sport and become the youngest person to get both the State Award and Municipal Corporation Award in Chandigarh.

In her maiden attempt at the National Roller Freestyle Championship, Janvi won gold and has since been a two-time champion. She has also won two bronze and two silver medals in the Freestyle Slalom category. Her achievements have earned her accolades from many prestigious organizations, including the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the BJP Mahila Morcha, and the Yoga Association.

Janvi has been selected as one of six kids from across India for a Cartoon Network series that showcases young talent. She has also been featured on Zee Punjabi’s Jazba, a show that honors Punjabis worldwide who have brought glory to Punjab.

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