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Teenager Makes Homemade Sanitisers for Underprivileged

Personal hygiene for people sounds so simple but it is saddening to see how some people cannot even afford these basic amenities, even if they want to. This is what this 17-year-old feels for the underprivileged, who went out of her way to help them with homemade sanitizers during the lockdown days.

“We’re all talking about keeping our houses clean, our neighbourhoods clean, and most importantly – ourselves clean to break the chain and reduce the spread of this pandemic”, says Ganeemat Kaur, a Class 12 student of Strawberry Fields High School.

“We bought a carton of concentrated hand sanitizers from our local chemist and then I took 15 cases of water bottles. I emptied more than half of each water bottle in a bucket and added the alcohol to the solution to the water bottles. And that is literally all you need to do to make an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that is readily usable by anyone. The consistency and efficiency of this hand sanitiser is the same as that of the commercially available ones. Once these sanitisers were made, I contacted an NGO and their people came home the next day to collect these cases and distributed them in slums of Nayagaon, Jagatpura and a few other local slums”, she says.

She made and sent 1000 bottles of these sanitizers for the kids in the slums. Ganeemat also has an Instagram page – The Pledge 2020.

Ganeemat says, “Since I was at home during the lockdown, I thought of utilising my time by taking up this cause as I felt satisfied after providing homemade sanitizers helping the underprivileged stay clean and safe.”

While she continues her good work, Ganeemat is positive that things will get better. “This too shall pass, but till the time things get better we all must do our bit. It will go a long way in handling the crisis which Coronavirus has brought along”, she adds.

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