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Students Raise Funds to Help the Needy in Times of Corona

The gloom and bleak situation of the poor living on the streets, going without food and other essential items; oblivious to a plan to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, deeply troubled the students of EduVelocity and that’s when they decided to take the plunge and contribute their bit.

“There were areas where the lockdown was not being taken seriously, use of mask and sanitizer was not clear amongst the underprivileged, there was panic for ration and food supply, while concepts of social distancing were completely ignored,” share the students.

Given the unprecedented situation, EduVelocity and its students decided to join hands with the NGO ‘I am Still Human’ to help the underprivileged including daily wage earners, people living on the footpaths, slums and the physically challenged people living on streets.

After regularly coordinating with Chandigarh Police and the NGO, the students stepped out and created awareness along with raising fund for the needy families.

EV students rendered their support by proactively orchestrating a crowdfunding campaign on social media and helped raise awareness about this pandemic. With their sheer determination, the students took on to various fundraising portals and diligently worked towards attaining their goals.

Fortunately, the students were able to raise a sum of more than INR 1,00,000 for I am Still Human. The raised amount went towards the distribution on cost-free food kits, hand sanitizers, face masks and PPE kits.

EV students have pledged to support ‘I am Still Human’ in all their endeavours and will be providing on-ground support even now after the lockdown is over.

The NGO I am Still Human has already distributed more than 25,000 masks, beyond 18,000 sanitizers and free-of-cost food kits to over 1200 needy families. The help was extended to the needy in Panchkula and Mohali Tricity areas like Dadu Majra, Dhakoli, Bapu Dham and Mauli Jagran to name a few.

The EduVelocity team feels proud to be a part of this noble cause and promises to be constant supporters in the fight against this travesty.

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