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Spreading Happiness

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning transformation & mindfulness coach and the Founder of Heal Tokyo and Heal India, Nupur Tewari was recently called by the Japanese media as an unofficial ambassador of India to Japan for her unconditional service towards humanity.

Tewari has been promoting India and Indian culture in Japan since 2003, especially in the form of yoga. She has been serving her motherland India and karam bhumi Japan through various innovative initiatives.

Nupur giving food and masks

The new year is very special as per Japanese culture, so she wanted that everyone should have food on this day. She’s the first Indian to take this kind of initiative in Japan.

This year on 1st January, she decided to kickstart 2021 by feeding the homeless people in Tokyo and walking 15 kms to a very famous Buddhist temple called Sensoji to pray for everyone’s good health in 2021 and strengthen India and Japan’s bond as a part of Narenda Modi’s FIT India movement.

At that time, it was -1 degree in Tokyo, but the shivering cold couldn’t stop her unflinching commitment to feed the homeless in Shinjuku.

Many people cheered for her on the way as she performed this noble task.

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