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Paving the Way for Recovery

Sahil Mehta, a young city entrepreneur has come up with an unique initiative of connecting COVID patients with the plasma donors through his Facebook page ‘Covid Plasma Donors – Chandigarh Tricity’.

An entrepreneur who ventured into multiple businesses at a young age of 21, Sahil is also a core member of the Chandigarh-based Nanhi Jaan Project, Veeranwali Foundation where he began community services about seven years ago.

“As I am a part of the Nanhi Jaan NGO which is strongly involved in healthcare in Punjab, there were frequent forwards regarding requirement of plasma for COVID patients. However, when I got into detail about plasma donors and their availability, unfortunately I saw that this area is hugely fragmented and there is a need to have a common platform to connect such people and motivate the recovered COVID patients to donate plasma,” he says.

Sahil further provides a sneak-peek into his initiative,  “As of now, we frequently go Live on Facebook and try our best to save as many lives as we can. The way forward is a collaborative approach, and the ultimate goal is to save lives. Once all modalities are worked out in Chandigarh tricity along with the help of Chandigarh Administration, the plan is to increase the web of collaboration to other states. I expect the Chandigarh Administration to play a more proactive role in motivating people to donate plasma and have the required infrastructure ready to address the challenges.”

When asked about how he foresees the COVID situation unfolding, Sahil shares, “I would pray that we get over COVID situation very soon with minimum deaths. However, the responsibility comes on how soon we Indians want it to go. Recently, I travelled to a couple of states and I could see that only 10% of the people were wearing masks. Even in Chandigarh, I have seen 50% of the people wearing the mask below their nose, aren’t we then defeating the whole purpose of the mask?”

“So far, the response to our Facebook page has been good. As soon as more and more people get aware of this initiative, more lives can be touched. I am hopeful that with multiple organizations and government coming together, the recovery rates can get even better”, Sahil sums up.

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