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An Unbreakable Bond

Every being and everything that exists, deserves love, care and affection. I feel privileged to share my wonderful experience with an innocent soul ‘Ginnie’. Ginnie is a stray female dog, whom we found sitting at the door and observing all our activities through the slit of the curtains two years back. Realizing that she’s there, my mother and I went outside to check if everything was alright? Is she hungry or needs something? We eventually discovered all she wanted is love and care.

After a few months, Ginnie was blessed with seven healthy pups. Unfortunately, one of them got crushed by a car after a month, three of them were adopted by some strangers, rest three Bunnty, Babloo and Pidu are here in our street. Our family and some of the neighbours are taking good care of them.

In the month of August 2020, a vehicle ran over Ginnie’s leg, as soon as we found that something was wrong, my brother Sahil Sahni and I called a vet. Dr Dass visited our home and informed us that she was about to deliver babies in 15-20 days, and he gave the medication accordingly.

This time it was going to be a bit more challenging for Ginnie as one of her legs was fractured and couldn’t be plastered as she was pregnant.

After a few days, six healthy pups were born. Not on streets, not somewhere else but in our own house. We named them Mishri, Coco, Latte, Mocha, Micky and Marshal. We were happy that Ginnie felt safe and trusted us enough to give birth at our place, but at the same time, a whole new challenge was right in front of us of how Ginnie and all the pups were to be taken care of at the initial stage.

We contacted Dr. Narendra and some of our friends who could guide us for the same. This time we were aware that these pups can be adopted, instead of being on streets. So, we started looking for homes for these little babies. After 50-55 days they were ready for adoption. Sahil contacted some people from “Stray Support” who helped us in their adoption.

Mishri (now Siri) is adopted by a gentleman in Mohali, Mocha is adopted by a pet lover in sector 34, Chandigarh and Latte found a home for herself in sector 32, Chandigarh. Few days back a car passed over Coco’s leg causing her some internal injuries and fracture. Mrs Goyal came forward to help us. We immediately took Coco to Dr. Narendra in sector 24, and for her further treatment, she was taken to sector 22 hospital.

Further they recommended us for an X-ray which was to be done in sector 3 Panchkula. However, due to some machinery issues they further recommended us to Dr. Singla Pet Centre sector 14, Panchkula. The whole process took two days. Despite having my exam in the same week, I took the initiative to spend as much time as it was required because what matters the most is life. The little one is energetic and a happy baby which is helping her in speedy recovery. She will be with us and we are still in search of home for Mickey and Marshal. The journey till now with these innocent and pure souls is amazing, filled with affection and unbreakable bond.

“More the people are aware, the more this planet becomes a beautiful place to live in”.

As humans, our brain has evolved so much as compared to other creatures that we have the ability to take decisions and definitely move towards the change for the betterment of society. All we require is an open heart, kindness, compassion and willingness to work and help the needy.

I am grateful to my maternal grandparents who have taught us to be kind and loving towards everyone; especially the ones who can express their love but cannot speak. They always say that effort is never big or small, as it cannot be measured. Anytime you feel yourself standing in a position where you can contribute, one should go ahead. Last but not the least, my special thanks to all the family members, Teotias, Goyals, Shankhyans, Dr.Dass, Dr.Narendra, Mougli aid and Stray Support.

The writer did her schooling from St Anne’s Convent School, Chandigarh and completed her graduation and post-graduation from S.D College, Chandigarh.

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