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Aashray: A Shelter of Hope

A tricity-based NGO, Aashray is run by the young blood with the vision to help people, feed them, and provide them with the basic amenities. Aashray has also been working rigorously to break the social taboos associated with menstruation, body shaming, skin colour, etc.

It has also come up with various projects to combat mental health and to save the animals who are often abandoned by their owners or stay on streets in terrible conditions.

The pandemic has changed the lives of many. The deprived class has suffered a lot. They can’t even afford the basic meals of a day because of the loss of daily wage work in the lockdown. The street vendors, masons, daily wage workers, labourers, etc. are now confined to their homes and are longing for a better life.

Keeping this situation in mind, Aashray NGO has been conducting regular food drives since last year keeping in mind the norms of social distancing. The aim is to distribute food in the slum areas and bring a smile on at least one face. Till date, it has conducted food and ration drives in Panchkula, Chandigarh, Mohali and Karnal.

Aashray NGO is led by Mr Shane Bakshi, who is a student as well as a businessman. Since childhood, he wanted to work for a social cause. He joined the NGO in 2015 and the rest is history.

According to Mr Bakshi, “Helping others is our duty. Some are blessed with a lot and some are not. It is our responsibility to serve the ones who are in need. If we can’t be an ocean of change, we should try to be a drop of change in an entire ocean. Even this can do wonders.”

A volunteer at Aashray says, “I have been a part of this NGO for a few months. Although I could not attend any food drives or workshops due to the pandemic, I have seen the team working constantly and also made sure that I could contribute to the noble cause in any form. As of now, I make a little donation for the drives which are conducted.”

We certainly need such heroes and organisations which can help society to change for the better!

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