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The Sacred Story

Looking for a prospective partner, the fear of empty nest,

The health of elderly parents, the generational shift,

The pain of the ego, the trauma of the single parenting,

The anxiety of good health, the fear of intimacy,

The unconventional ideas of equality in the relationship, the abusive parents, over possessive boyfriend, falling Instagram likes,

Avoiding the ugliness in the family, the blocked and unblocked numbers, the emotional sobriety,

The Alcohol ‘ism”, pre-marital and extra marital, the wedding celebration,

Dealing with the grief of losing parents…etc.
This is the “Gutthi” of the ‘stories’ I experience with the people I work with.
Well the content is sometimes real and sometimes imaginative…after all, we do wear our thinking hats. My “Pittara” of stories stays in my therapy room and goes with me as I travel.

The truth remains, irrespective of over or under analysis of these stories.
The lies do not have feet.
The truth comes to you walking.

The sacred pause.

Well as far as my story is concerned, as I am wintering and writing my mind is full of ideas of golgappas, traveling, loafing around, drum circle, Hare Krishna, mangoes, next hibernation, cotton kurtis etc.
He said, “I want someone special.”
She asked, “Are you someone special?”
The silence.

Every comma, semicolon, full stop is a story.

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