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Stand With Me (A Poem)

O! The coming New Year!

The world waits

With bated breath

To usher you in

With open arms

Heralding the new dawn,

Marked with joyous celebrations


O! The harbinger of Hope

Sentinel of time!

Stand with me

As I reach out to gather‌

A little sunshine, casting it

To illuminate the shadowed lives

Suffering in poverty and need.


Stand with me

As I sing

Soothing lullabies

To ease

The pain and misery

Of the suffering multitudes


Stand with me

As I infuse some wisdom,

Into the misguided, arrogant minds,

Whose blind hubris

Unleashes havoc upon

The frail, vulnerable humanity


Let’s join hands,

You and I.

To enthuse

The sagging spirits with

Vitality and verve


Build a New World

Of hope and compassion,

Of peace and prosperity

Of reason and wisdom,

Of universal brotherhood




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