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The Magical Drive

We know that we cannot see the stars, until it is dark!

Corona is where we do not want to be tested ‘positive’, but when life tests you, you definitely cannot be negative.

When everyone answered to the first place they’d like to visit when things are ‘normal’, it was clear – the magical power of hope, faith & love is thriving!

Disha Dvewedi, wants to rush to her salon the first thing. Pretty honest ha!

To tranquilize his mind, Vasu Sharma, a Panchkula resident wants to drive to the Sukhna Lake with his wife & get close to the nature.

Where an entrenched book reader like Sumati Channa would find comfort after all? The British Council Library, of course!

Foodie Ritika cannot wait to feast at Chilli’s, grabbing her Chitpole Chicken Bowl!

Gagandeep Kaur who was all set to fly to USA, but stuck in Amritsar since lockdown, wants to soothe down at her parental home in Chandigarh.

Supermother to twins, Avreen Sarangal, has mastered the art of waxing to haircut, transforming into clothes she always wanted to fit in, admits to no parlour or gym. Well, a win win! Visiting her ‘BFF’ & other tricity buddies tops the to-dos!

Realising, all other is temporary; Amit Sandhu with his wife wants to visit the ‘Guru Ghar’, also Deepak Madhav with his beloved wants to pay gratitude in an Ashram for keeping their family safe this pandemic.

Praying for India; Anshul Thakur, desires to be back to her workplace in Chandigarh for she finds it not just beautiful but so positive too!

Pooja Singh hungers to fulfil a Chatbir Zoo picnic for her little one; while Suman Hooda wants to hop on to a school in Zirakpur she volunteers at, in an NGO. Missing hugs by the children, herself; she is sure the children are missing her too.

Ruchi Kashyap from Mohali, will take it to the hills to see her parents & so does a cabin crew Rohit Kumar stuck at Doha wants to get back to his family in Panchkula right away!

Stick on; I believe we’re halfway there!

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