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Share Some Smiles and Prayers

My dear friends,

I hope you’re staying afloat in these uncertain times. Many friends have already suffered, and some have lost their near and dear ones during this pandemic. Our prayers and love must go out to them, and to all of humanity, at this moment in history when just staying alive and healthy has become mankind’s topmost priority.

To those friends who are yet untouched by the virus and its repercussions, I know that you are working on your immunity and safety, with sensible and determined efforts to check the contagion and its influence, at least in your own circle.

Equally significant is the need to remain mentally resilient and to not give in to cynicism or despair. The happenings and circumstances around us, in our country, and our vicinity, are bound to impact our mindsets adversely, especially since varied kinds of media ensure that we cannot remain smugly ensconced in our comfort zones. Yet, some of us have been able to counter the pernicious effects of negativism more and better than others. It is the ability to dig deep and count our God-bestowed blessings which gives us the innate strength and inner peace despite all odds.

“I will stand unshaken, amidst the crash of breaking worlds!” Affirmations such as this one were given to the world by Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the Autobiography of a Yogi. I have personally found such affirmations to be extremely useful in burdensome circumstances: By repeating silently in our minds, and even aloud, such powerful thoughts which make us feel virtually indefatigable, we not only enhance our mental well-being but also increase our immunity, a fact that medical experts too vouch for.

Ultimately, and in the final analysis, life is not a numbers game. The number of cases, the material assets that we accumulate, the number of followers we accumulate on social media, will not determine the quality of our lives in the long run. Even in today’s rather artificial era, the magical keywords are love, understanding, faith, family, friends, creativity, calmness, health and happiness.

To paraphrase the words of a saint, “The darkest of nights vanishes as if it had never been, when the sun emerges from its slumber”. This current phase of torment and tumult will fade away too, my dear friends.

What will remain are some scars but also the legends of those who stood firm. Even as you read these words, millions of healthcare professionals and volunteers are serving the sick and needy across the world.

Let us hope and pray that the joyful tomorrow which we have all been awaiting, shows up sooner than later. And it will.

Till then, let’s share some smiles, and some prayers, and stay strong.

Very warmly,

Vivek Atray

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