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Romancing in A Season of Hope

In the COVID times when organising any big event is prohibited, the concept of e-books is spurring with each passing day. So, freelance writer and editor, Aanandika Sood released her maiden e-book earlier this week.
Hailing her roots from Himachal Pradesh, Aanandika came to Chandigarh to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in English Honours. She further went on to Panjab University to pursue post graduation in Mass Communication.
After having worked with many media platforms, she is now a freelance writer and editor working for webzines, newspapers and independent projects.
Here’s more about her latest e-book.
Tell us about the book and what prompted you to write it?
A Season of Hope is my first book. It is a romance novel set in the City Beautiful, where I have spent a decade of my life. Some very important years as a young girl first and then later as a professional, working as a journalist and a PRO with the Chandigarh Administration. I have been chiselling this story for a few years now, so you can say that it has been inside of me for all this while.
Provide us a gist of the book?
A Season Of Hope is the story of Amrita and Sahil, classmates of yore who drift apart as life happens. Destiny has now again pitched them near one another. Will they now have the courage and faith to let an elusive love bring them together or are they too hurt to give it a chance? That’s what the novel is set to explore.
What kind of books would you like to write?
I love reading mystery and thrillers, so that would be one category which I would like to venture into someday. Also, children’s literature because I think I buy more books in the name of my kids!
 Who is your favourite author and why?
Jeffrey Archer. His book Not A Penny More Not A Penny Less has me in awe even today and I read it years ago. Moreover, I think that I am good at short stories and I like how he crafts his stories.
Where is the book available?
Currently, it is available at the BlogChatter website and you can download it free for a limited time.

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