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Popcorns, please?

This was idealistically an IPL time, but I have settled pretty well watching Battle Bots. It got me speculating what the Tricity is hooked on to. It is not a masked fact that binge watching is everyone’s hot favorite at this time!

Sipping the positivi(tea), I pick up my phone and decide to get a ‘Tricity Scoop’ on it.

Juggling between convincing his wife and putting his baby girl to sleep, all for the sake of a televisual feast! Done with the 4 seasons of ‘Money Heist’; Vikram Narang is already excited about another suspense. Hours of daily Netflix mollifies him down, ready to now cook, eat, sleep & repeat.

Differently, Anubha Ohri, shakes off all the depressing news; with some ‘Horrible Bosses’ like comedies. With disturbed sleep patterns, but boasting of her recipe-gone-right ice-cream & her instrumental pranayamas, what impeccable use of internet she is making.

Unwinding the chores of a recently married; Riya Phirani, relates more to the empowering, ‘Mardaani 2’ or ‘Raazi’. She recalls marathon-viewing on the phone, traveling in a bus before the lockdown too. Crazy!

Subscribing to kill the boredom only, after the lockdown; Mohit Arora, moves by what his friends recommend him. Reviews matter, he quips.

Sana Sachdeva shows how our city girls are. The lover kinds, who watch ‘Blue Jay’ and the geeky who watch ‘Stranger Things’ until the supernatural forces gets the disappeared boy back. Thrillers engage her tight & she goes back to watching Rom-Com when it gets a little too much.

Happy about how this is helping those who have no work-from -home, with his rare self-control, Harkirat Sethi, can put to next day the subsequent episode.

While, ‘Four more shots please’ has made Ritika Mahajan party her 20s; ‘I never watched ‘Friends’ before’, confesses Anu Bagga, ‘but the hype & free time got me leftover with just 5 seasons now’.

In a mad rat race of watching what others are watching, let’s accept that no one gave us such free time ever before, not our bosses, clients, parents, children, but… Corona.

I am having fun! But, certainly missing popcorns!

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