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Let’s Talk Mind!

Vanshika Naranng

When the world over the pandemic left trails of devastation and death, people who survived were fighting a different battle of their own. Isolated, cut off from the outside world or cooped up at home, people were plagued with worry, anxiety, fear of loss, depression. There was this emotional turmoil, this pent-up feeling of things falling apart.

Research showed that in these times what people longed for, was this need to share and speak with someone. Somehow all that was needed to ease the mind, was an empathetic ear and a soothing, caring voice.

This is a gap that Let’s Talk Mind filled in its own modest way and continues to do so even today.

Let’s Talk Mind is an online, professionally managed, video and voice counselling portal, founded by Vanshika Naranng a successful serial entrepreneur.

The counselling team is composed of a team of expert counsellors, well-versed in handling voice and video calls, trained to listen patiently and offer genuine words of advice and comfort to every caller. 

Spreading Positivity

This enterprise is “human emotion centric” and this was proved when Let’s Talk Mind received calls and video calls on the website itself, from people cutting across time zones and international borders. People were dialing in from Indonesia, South Africa, Canada and other continents. What counselors heard often as these sessions ended were “Thank You” “God Bless You” “You are Angels” “You are doing God’s work” “You all are God” and so much more.

A Blessing in Disguise

The business model for this was ready by late November 2019, however by the time the trials and the website were set up and fully functional, the whole world went into Lockdown mode.

By a strange twist of fate, this proved to be a blessing in disguise. Let’s Talk Mind became the site for people looking for counseling in these trying times. In a genuinely humane gesture Let’s Talk Mind offered over 200 free of cost counselling sessions to those who connected.

“We did not offer it free just to gain traction, it was not a business decision at all. It was completely driven by the need to be sensitive, be human and reach out to one another and offer solace and support,” informs Vanshika

Putting a Halt to Stigma

A few moments of honest conversation can be so reassuring. It strengthens self-belief and drives home the fact that we were bigger than the circumstances around us. This is what everyone at Let’s Talk Mind acknowledges and works to maintain during every single interaction with callers.

“As a founder, I want to take this business model further and help people connect. I want to let people know that it’s time to end the stigma of depression and anxiety and that you can talk to a therapist and feel safe about it,” says Vanshika.

Let’s Talk Mind charges nominal fees that begin from INR 500/- per hour and bookings are available on the website The website assures you of complete security and the highest privacy of the data as well as the conversation that takes place.

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