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From the Tea Diaries

In 2016, I came to the beautiful Chandigarh City with dreams & aspirations in my heart. I initially worked with a few reputed companies but always had a dream of starting my own company. During my work with those companies, we drink lots of Tea in our offices, but I felt very disappointed as I belong from Assam and I wanted to give the taste of good quality Assam tea to the people of Punjab.

Hence, I started my Tea blending & packaging company in New Chandigarh.

Back in Assam after my Post Graduation in Sales & Marketing Management, my first job break was into a reputed Tea Company where I learnt about plantation and manufacturing.

I loved doing work in the Tea Gardens. Moreover, being an Assamese, the Tea business was very close to my heart. So, initially when I started the business in New Chandigarh, I faced lots of hardship in terms of language, demography and psychographic differences. But with perseverance & hard work, my brand, Sonali Tea Fresh gradually became socially accepted & prominent in many of the retails & wholesale outlets in and around Punjab.

Many times, my friends & colleagues ask me why I chose the name Sonali. So, my answer to them is that the actual colour of tea is golden while coming out from the fermentation table. It turns black only once it is fired and the moisture has evaporated.

Sonali Tea Fresh is handpicked from the lush green tea gardens of upper Assam, which gives the best Aroma taste & flavour.

After all, nobody forgets the taste of a good cup of tea. I am looking forward to people coming & enjoying the beautiful cup of joy!

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