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Flight of a Phoenix

Flapping her wings harder and harder

 Off she goes to explore new quarters

Goes past agony, vain and negativity

Thrusting herself, defies gravity

Pitching in courage consistently

Straining all constraints persistently

Celebrating her accomplishments,  she felt much glee

 Lost in her dreams once, she set herself free

Dark mind forces but, were on preying spree

Grinning they asked,“ Where is your glory ?“

“Ever since you left work, where are thee?

You are of no use, you got to believe me . “

To it she sniggered and she did ignore

She sprinkled around her, new seeds of hope.

Dark dungeons of failure she no longer gropes.

Scoffing at jealousy and mire of hate

Blending colours of confidence, bliss and faith

A new of her story, once again she paints.

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