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Excel the Art of Bird Photography

Bird Photography is all about capturing the right moment. So, note-worthy photographer Anuj shares some tips and tricks to excel art of bird photography!

Bird photography involves a lot of patience and knowledge about the behaviour of the bird. Photography helps us capture emotions, expressions and moments which are sometimes not possible to see with the naked eye.

For example, a green bee-eater always tosses its catch so that it’s in the correct orientation before entering its mouth. A piece of knowledge about this behaviour and a lot of patience waiting for the right moment helped me capture this image of a green bee-eater.

For bird photography, I recommend a minimum focal length of 400mm and a crop sensor camera. Along with patience, proper knowledge of your equipment and technical aspects of photography is a must. Shutter speed is the key to capturing fast action. A slower shutter speed would result in a blur shot and too high a shutter speed would result in higher ISO.

So, deciding the correct shutter speed for a particular shot may take some experience. Once a good action shot is clicked then comes the role of editing, which is an integral part of photography. Lightroom by Adobe is a good editing software and is highly recommended. Other than that Photoshop can also be used but it can be a little bit confusing for beginners.

Once you have the right equipment and have a complete understanding of the technical aspects of photography, your total concentration should be on capturing the right moment and here comes the role of patience.

Don’t get disappointed when you don’t get your desired shot. Just keep trying and good luck!

Anuj is an engineer by qualification and a businessman by profession. He did his B.Tech Mechanical from Punjab Engineering College followed by MS from State University of New York At Buffalo. He started photography as a hobby in 2014. Initially, he did some landscape photography, Street Photography and still life photography but since April 2019 he is only into Bird photography and his hobby has turned into a passion since then. He has won various national and international awards in different competitions.

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