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Die-Hard Tribe

She,  the epitome of power

Yearns for excitement

Longs for romance,

True opinion,

Over brimming love,

Smitten by reverence


She, the lone Ranger,

Treading the rough terrains of life,

Steers clear the  strife .

Snubbing the problems

Keeping nerve,

Through the tough terrain,

She thwacks life.


She, the fiery heart,

Showers her infinite love,

Sacrifices all that she has,

Savage rejoinders,

Smirk on the face,

She holds all the grace.


Encasing every thing in her beloved embrace ,

Holding an ever winsome face,

Fickle yet firm ,

Feeble yet strong,

The women in my life,

Know how to thrive.

Dimple Datta is a poet, content writer, a social worker and an avid educationist.

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