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Corporate India’s Storyteller Pens Another Masterpiece!

After personalities like Late J.R.D TATA & M.S Dhoni, Prof. Cyrus Gonda’s Next in Magic of Leadership series is Trishneet Arora – A Cybersecurity Entrepreneur. Recently launched at CII NR Headquarters, the book has been in works for quite some time now and is all set to hit the shelves across India and online.

The book includes special notes, experiences, and anecdotes from various eminent personalities like Hector Balderas – Attorney General, New Mexico, Lt. General Rajesh Pant – National Cybersecurity Coordinator of India, and many more.

The book narrates Trishneet’s journey from the time he decided to drop out, to his first stint as an entrepreneur and all the way to his journey so far. The book highlights his milestones and failures along with incidents from people who have been a part of this journey with him.

“I cannot emphasize how much today’s youth needs to hear his story and draw inspiration from it. In a world where unconventional professions have fast tracked and thinking out of the box is normalised, Trishneet comes across as the flag bearer of the same. I believe his journey of a simple boy from Ludhiana to a youth icon and inspiration in cybersecurity is a tale that has so many lessons for every reader,” said Prof. Cyrus Gonda, Author.

Trishneet mentioned that he chose Prof. Gonda to write his book as he is the foremost author and thought leader on the subject of leadership across the globe today. His previous two books in this series – ‘The Magic Of Leadership’ – on Mr. JRD Tata and on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, have been huge best-sellers.

“I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me last year that we would be launching a book about me. It is an absolute honour and privilege to not only be able to share my story in depth but also being in the same series with personalities like J.R.D TATA and my personal idol M.S Dhoni. It is surreal and I hope it inspires while teaching people from my journey and allows everyone to see a real me up close and personal,” said Trishneet Arora, Founder and CEO.

While Cyrus says the beauty of Trishneet’s leadership is its range of repertoire like techie, human-leader, ethical functioning, common sense and most importantly Humility. His previous books have been a combination of 4 categories that the traits of the person are stretched into, Victory, Virtue, Valour and Vision with incidents along to justify them.

The book is a mixture of stories, lessons and different views of Trishneet’s Life Journey so far.

About Prof. Cyrus Gonda

Cyrus is a MENSA life-member, a rank-holding MBA from NMIMS – Mumbai, a rank-holder in Hotel Management from the Sophia Polytechnic – Mumbai, has secured an A1 grade at the highest level of Business English Communication from Cambridge, and has a string of other academic and professional achievements. He has rich and extremely diverse work experience in the services, hospitality, logistics, as well as manufacturing sectors, at customer- facing as well as administrative and executive positions, in leading American, European, and Indian multinationals, both in India and overseas. He has authored sixteen best-selling books on the subjects of communication, customer experience, sales, leadership, and strategy. The books are based on copyrighted Models conceived and developed by Cyrus himself and are all based on sound principles of instructional design, which make them extremely adaptable for training purposes for employees across industries. Over a lakh of his books have been sold and used as reading and training material. He is known as Corporate India’s Storyteller.

About Trishneet Arora

Trishneet Arora founded TAC Security in 2013 as a school dropout who has now come a long way. He has been listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List in 2018, Fortune 40 Under 40, and GQ’s Top 50 Most Influential Young Indians for having a day on his name by the United States Govt.

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