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Jatin Salwan’s Second book “Muntazir” Unveiled

 The literary world welcomed another beacon of hope and anticipation as Jatin Salwan’s second book, “Muntazir,” was unveiled in a ceremony graced by distinguished guests. This anthology of Urdu poetry, elegantly presented in Devanagari script, delves into the theme of waiting and longing.

General V.P. Malik, PVSM, AVSM, former Chief of Army Staff, and Dr. K.K. Rattu, former Senior Officer of Indian Broadcasting Services and esteemed academician, along with other notable personalities such as Balkar Sidhu, Hardeep Chandpuri, gathered at Punjab Kala Bhawan to officially introduce “Muntazir” to the literary landscape.

General V.P. Malik commended Jatin’s poetic prowess, likening his words to vibrant brushstrokes on the canvas of human emotions. He remarked on the mesmerizing imagery and emotional depth that resonate throughout Jatin’s work, inviting readers on a profound journey of introspection and connection.

Dr. K.K. Rattu, a prolific author himself, praised Jatin’s verses for their contemporary relevance and poignant portrayal of human vulnerability and resilience. He highlighted the universal themes of hope and anticipation woven into the fabric of Jatin’s poetry, offering a refreshing perspective on the human condition.

In a dialogue with Amulya Shukla, Jatin shared his inspiration behind “Muntazir,” revealing it as a culmination of over 25 years of poetic expression. He emphasized the enduring resilience of the human spirit amidst life’s trials and tribulations, urging readers to embrace the present moment rather than fixating on uncertainties.

Prof. Archana R Singh, from the School of Communication Studies at PU, enraptured the audience with recitations from “Muntazir,” infusing her own unique style into the beloved verses.

Balkar Sidhu, in his welcome address, lauded Jatin’s mastery of language and ability to evoke profound emotions through his poetry. He acknowledged the poet’s sensitivity and skillful manipulation of words, predicting a deep resonance with readers.

The event commenced with a captivating cinematic tribute to Jatin’s journey, crafted by the talented filmmaker Ojaswwee Sharma. Recognizing the multidimensional talent of Jatin, who is not only a lawyer but also an artist and environmentalist, the biopic celebrated his contributions to both literature and the community.

The crew behind the biopic was also honored, underscoring their invaluable contribution to capturing Jatin’s essence on screen.

The event, attended by esteemed personalities and literary enthusiasts, was expertly hosted by Sarvpriya Nirmohi, adding an additional layer of grace and elegance to the proceedings. Bhoopinder Malik, Secretary of Punjabi Lekhak Sabha, expressed gratitude to all attendees, marking the occasion as a celebration of art, literature, and the human spirit.

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