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From Novels to Poetry: Mubarak Sandhu’s Literary Odyssey

In today’s fast-paced world, the decline in reading and writing is often lamented, largely attributed to the pervasive distractions of technology and social media. This impact is especially noticeable among young people and teenagers. However, as with any coin, there is another side to this narrative. There are young individuals who channel their energy into highly productive endeavors, inspiring others to embrace their creative side. One such emerging writer hailing from the Tricity region is gaining recognition and popularity with his recent contributions to the world of literature.

The Art of Expression

Mubarak Sandhu made his literary debut with his first English novel, ‘Boris – The Last Qahn Alive,’ in July 2021, which was subsequently translated into Punjabi and republished in February 2022. Undeterred by the challenges of balancing his responsibilities, Mubarak continued his creative journey, presenting his next book, ‘Boris and the Stealth of Almus,’ in November 2022. In April 2023, he took on the role of an editor for an anthology titled ‘World of Words.’ His dedication to writing remained unwavering, leading to the publication of his latest work in August 2023, a collection of 60 poems titled ‘The Art of Expressing Emotions.’

Staying at the Top!

It is a rare feat for writers to witness their books ranking among the top three bestsellers on Amazon, let alone securing the number one spot in the New Releases section, even after a month of release. Mubarak poured his heart and soul into crafting the poems for this book, hoping that readers would resonate with the emotions woven into the verses. However, he never anticipated that his book would ascend to such prestigious heights on the bestselling charts.

When asked about the themes explored in ‘The Art of Expressing Emotions,’ Mubarak Sandhu remarked, “As the title suggests, this book delves not only into poetry but also into the emotions embedded within the rhythmic words. It aims to connect readers to real-life situations, allowing them to experience the poems on a personal level. Each poem is a standalone story, reflecting my emotions in various moments of joy or hardship. Consequently, I didn’t confine this book to a single theme; instead, I ventured into diverse topics to strike emotional chords with readers of all backgrounds.”

Donning Various Hats

Mubarak Sandhu is not only a prolific writer but also a motivational and guest speaker affiliated with literature festivals, colleges, and universities. He conducts sessions on mental health awareness and cancer awareness campaigns. Despite his academic achievements, including a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Operations Management and Marketing Management, he followed his passion for writing, eventually contributing five books to the world of literature—four as a writer and one as an editor.

Words of Wisdom

In an exclusive conversation with Tricity Scoop, Mubarak underscored the importance of expressing emotions. “In the midst of life’s complexities, where time with loved ones is scarce and stress and responsibilities abound, writing serves as a therapeutic outlet. Consider the pen and paper as your confidants, and jot down your thoughts regularly. This practice can alleviate the burdens of the mind and foster emotional well-being. That’s why I’ve penned poems covering diverse themes such as motivation, patience, love, respect, education, life’s balance, introversion, nature, technology, and more. This poetry book encompasses the emotions of people from all walks of life, perhaps explaining its continuous reign atop the bestselling charts for over a month now.”

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