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Corona isn’t forever. The Earth is!

Welcoming a glorious day! With the unchanged sound of birds tweeting I wake up to joy. I draw my curtains, starry eyed; smiling right through my soul & unhurriedly I rub my eyes or stretch a bit, oh just like that luminescent rising sun I see just a little far. My feet on the ground tell me it’s a brand new day to stand on. I gradually close my eyes, enrich my lungs to rejoice this day & be grateful for. By this time, my emotions are already running high & it is time to breathe in, breathe out! Breathe in, and again breathe out. It reminds me, the Earth Day is around the corner, even while every day now seems like one! I wonder if I wasn’t in the ‘Tricity’, would I still get to feel it all? Addicted it is to live in the most blessed parts of the Earth.

The clear blue sky lets me experience the cloud nine without winning any material, the greenery that instills that nature is never in a rush and that doze of breathable air that conceals me within, I feel free. From the ‘immunity’ tea I want to start my day with, to the green leafy vegetables for the rest of the day, the Earth feels deeper in every strand of my body & soul.

We know that the water and the trees have been here since ages and have beheld sundry generations but it is only now while the Corona crisis has hit, we are giving the nature the notice it deserves. This pause is not just helping us relive the right way, but the way nature is healing itself, we owe it for the bad we have done to it.

This Earth Day, let’s compensate. Let’s switch off those extra lights, cover the lids when we cook, do some car pool, put that tap off, plant some more and henceforth live in gratification hereon because tomorrow and forever, above is how I want to continue to wake up! Corona isn’t forever. The Earth is.

Isha Kakaria is founder president of NGO Tammana


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