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Contributing Phenomenally to the World of Literature

Sunaina Sindhwani, is a Clinical Nutritionist and Clinical Skin Specialist, by qualification, who now is known for her phenomenal contribution to the world of literature. She started her journey as an author in the year 2017 as a promising author and published her first book in Vancouver “I Breathe Last for You” which was published by an internationally known publisher brand, Tell Well.

Though it was a debut project for Sunaina, her simply amicable writing skills captivated everybody’s attention all over the world. She wrote about her late friend and her journey. Sunaina tried to create awareness against sexual abuse for women through her book. By God’s grace, her efforts got appreciated by many famous authors and poets like Scott Stie, Brenda Damen, Judi Emm and many more. Her book also got featured in Times of Canada in Vancouver and she got wonderful reviews on Amazon worldwide. Sunaina was facilitated by a team of authors in Himachal Pradesh, and it got featured by Dainik Jagran.

The Art of Destiny

Her journey did not stop here. Sunaina started getting lots of opportunities from various renowned magazines like Times Of Canada, Skin Possible, The Aarzoo in Canada. She started working as a content writer for all these magazines and also writing blogs for wellness. Though Sunaina got busy with all her work 24/7, her soul was searching for meaning in her life which would add to the welfare of society. As we all have heard, “What we seek, seeks us also” this saying became true in the case of Sunaina.

During an event in Hyderabad Sunaina got invited by an NGO which was working for LGBTQ and other social victims. Sunaina got introduced to some of them who were struggling with their Gender Identity Crisis and had to leave their homes because their own families didn’t accept them. That day Sunaina decided to write about the Gender Identity Crisis which is nowadays the most common societal issue among so many people, especially our teenagers.

The Untold Stories

Sunaina started writing about it, but this was not an easy journey for her as it is a very controversial issue to even be discussed. She asked some of her friends, but no one supported her; rather they told her to write about some fancy things which are easy to handle. That time Sunaina got discouraged and thought of leaving it but her all-time support, her husband and kids motivated her to start writing about it again. Last year on December 16, 2021, on her daughter’s birthday, Sunaina announced the prelaunch of her second book “The Purple Couch ” a story of a middle-aged woman who struggled throughout her life to find a respectable place in society. Sunaina told us that after listening to her story, she was so shocked to hear, that the woman had to hide her bisexuality until the age of 50, till the moment she disclosed it to her family.

“The Purple Couch is a book which will not only bring awareness among all of us, but it will also give us a profound message that, Every breath counts live and let live. Make this earth a peaceful place for everyone. We are no one to decide anyone’s destiny. We should accept the way we are born,” Sunaina concludes. Many NGO volunteers and social workers are supporting her in this noble cause.

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