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‘Beyond the Stars’ Revealed: Caroline Rowett Unveils Renee Singh’s Book at Event

Ms Renee Singh, a noted columnist, author, and management guru unveiled her fourth poetic book – ‘Beyond the Stars’ in the presence of book lovers from Tricity during a function held at Hotel Hyatt Regency. The book was unveiled by Ms Caroline Rowett, The British Deputy High Commissioner at Chandigarh along with director of Rhyvers Publishing Group Affan Yesvi.

Being a stress management consultant, Renee believes the whole world revolves around love and there she derived her inspiration for a 130-page book. These poems had come to the author’s emotions from her deep connection with nature and alignment with her own inner self.

A Form of Expression

Renee feels poetry is a form of expression in a lyrical way which gives a sense of release to anyone’s inner senses and allows one to connect to the world.

This poetic work of Renee Singh is a treatise on the various aspects of love which helps to bust the reader’s stress. The book is priced at Rs 325 and available online through Amazon and offline.

From Poetry to Spirituality

Renee has three poetry books namely – ‘Sacred Longings’, ‘Sacred Karma’ and ‘Sacred Desire’ to her credit. She is currently pursuing her new book about Science and Spirituality which is her passion.

Renee Singh who is also the founder of ‘The Sacred Life Foundation’ is an organization engaged in creating wellness solutions from a broad perspective and aimed to raise the awareness and consciousness of people around the globe.

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