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An Iconic Indian Woman Achiever

Celebrated writer and Associate Professor at Mukand Lal National College Yamunanagar, Dr. Ritu Kamra Kumar recently won the Indian Woman Achievers Award in Literature at the Asian Literary Society Litfest, New Delhi, where she also launched her 5th book titled – ‘The Peerless Pearls’ An Anthology of Poetry.

It was launched at the Asian Literary Society’s 4th Litfest by Dr. Sreenivas Rao, Secretary Sahitya Akademi New Delhi and Manoj Krishnan, founder Asian Literary Society at Civil Services Officers Institute, New Delhi.

Various distinguished guests were present on this occasion, including Dr. Lakshmi Shankar Bajpai, former Deputy Director General, AIR Akashwani and Dr. Amarendra Khatua, Former Secretary Ministry of External Affairs, and Dr Laxamisree Bannerjee, Eminent poet and Ex Vice Chancellor kolhan University, Jharkhand.

An Enlightening Writing Experience

‘The Peerless Pearls’ is a collection of 92 poems that are divided into 6 sections: Rejuvenating Relationships, Nature’s Notes, Pragmatic Perspectives, Woman’s World, Resplendent Reflections and Love Longings. Pearls are of different shapes, sizes and shades; and so are the poems, portraying the rainbow hues of the journey of life.

Moreover, Pearls are an embodiment of purity, piety and serenity, and similarly, the pearl-like poems come from the depth of heart and depict veritable aspects of life. Writing them has been a cathartic and enlightening experience for Dr Ritu.

Winning Accolades with Each Passing Day

Dr Ritu Kamra Kumar was also honoured with the ‘Indian Woman Achievers Award in Literature’, and her book ‘The Priceless Petals’ (An Anthology of Middles and Essays) that has been published in various newspapers was given the ‘Best Book Award’ in the category of non-Fiction book in this 4th Litfest by Asian Literary Society.

Dr. Ritu has been writing columns for various distinguished national newspapers. Her journey started with writing Columns in the Spice of Life column of the Hindustan Times. She is a renowned writer, poet and academic of the region and has been honored many times at various prestigious Literary platforms for her contribution to the field of literature. She has written around 30 research papers which have been published in different national and international journals. Additionally, she has also delivered extension lectures in national conferences and degree colleges, conducted creative workshops and is the Honorary Editor of Inkdew Times-An International Daily of Literature. She has authored 5 books in different genres, and this is her 5th book in a short span of 4 years.

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