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The markets…hotels… restaurants… cafes…resorts…all beaming with lights and celebrations.

Where is the new year party?

What are your plans? Resolutions for the new year …! Let’s try a tarot reading to see what the new year is about. These are the normal conversations with the near and dear ones.

I am going to have a blast…this year is going to be lots of travel…holidays…fun…for me. I am going to stay positive. I am going to do this….do that…! God bless our thoughts. There is no end to the sea of thoughts. Waves make us dance. After all, we wear our thinking hats. There is an emotion, a feeling behind all these thoughts…fear and insecurities always grip us. So does the thought of “doing’.

Doing Nothing is as energising as doing something.

All set for “To Do List’ in 2023?

Well, try a ‘Not To Do list’ as well.

It’s simple. Try to make a list for 11 days of what you would not want to do.

There will be change. You will do it if you want to do it.

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