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This Patna Stylist Wants To Be The ‘Fashion Wali Dhoni’

This 22-year-old lissome lass from the Patna Women’s College is about to graduate and she has already fallen in love at first sight with two things – camera and fashion.

For Alisha Singh, hailing from a family of well-known lawyers of Bihar’s capital city, what began as a love affair soon turned into a passion, and now a profession.

Much against the collective will of the family, she is charting out her own course – and has already become a known face in fashion and a creative video content producer in just three years, and by the time she is leaving college, Alisha has worked with many domestic and global brands.

“First my family was convinced that I was out of my mind when I told them I wanted to be a video content creator, but as I am about to graduate, they are coming around to accepting my career choice,” she told Tricity Scoop. “See, it is my convincing power developed out of my communication skills that convinced my folks,” the young mass media student said confidently.

The digital world is the place I want to live in, she said. Already she has her own channel on YouTube and an Instagram page. It has not cost her much so far, “and if I am able to save a couple of lakhs of rupees, I am confident to start my own business.” For the present, she is able to make a ‘decent’ earning and meet her own expenses.

Alisha is also confident that she will one day realize her dream of owning a clothes line, build her own brand, and take it across the globe. “No, a name has not yet been zeroed in on, but yes the thinking process is always on,” she said and added her brain keeps ticking on framing her brand-building strategy.

“I am a fashion stylist and I always want my work to speak for itself,” she said as she reeled off-brand names that have worked with her – Loreal Paris, Wow Skinscience, Mondsub India, St. Botanica, Azani Active Care, Azani Active Nutrition, Amazon, Urban Botanics. She is also excited about her upcoming brand association with Purplle.

Ever since she discovered her passion for the camera, fashion and photography – still and video – she put it in action – and found herself a guru in YouTube Tutorials. “I learned most of the technical aspects of shooting, camera angles, lighting, sound, and editing, all from YouTube,” she said and added, “already I make decent money from my brand promotion activities and video content creation.”

Her parents are now more or less convinced about her abilities on the professional front, and especially so after she got invited as a guest /panellist/judge at beauty and fashion pageants in Patna.

Was her journey so far tough?

“Well, not really as I knew what I wanted to do and was very clear about it – video content creation in the field of fashion and related areas. But living in a small town has its own limitations, as there is not much competition one is exposed to, like for example If one were living in Mumbai or Delhi. In a way am trying to compete with me, all the time benchmarking my work with that of the people who have inspired me on YouTube and on the internet in general,” she said.

At a time when youngsters from smaller towns have grown very big in different fields – sports, entertainment, and creative pursuits – she does realize that she has a shot at becoming a “fashion wali Dhoni”.

For the present, her team comprises self and brother Siddharth Anand, 20, who is her marketing adviser-cum-cameraperson-cum odd jobs person as she completes three years in August. She does the entire process herself – from ideation to scripting to shooting and editing. With a little help from Siddharth.

“I try to focus on sustainable fashion and going forward would love to see me at the top, at least in the top of the mind of my followers.” she said. “I want to be loved for my work, and the work I love to do” is how this ‘wise-beyond-her-years young girl desires her future to be.

Shall we say she appears to be future-ready?

Time will tell if and when Alisha really gets up there!

Lakshmana Venkat Kuchi, Consulting Editor, is a senior journalist with over three and a half decades experience in the profession at the national and regional level. For the longest duration in over three decade career, he was associated with Hindustan Times for 18 years in New Delhi, Jaipur and Chennai.

Email id: & Twitter: @kvlakshman

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