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Digital Baal Mela’s “Baccho Ki Sarkar Kaisi Ho?” Campaign Offers a Unique Platform for Children

A first-of-its-kind dialogue session on “Political Journalism – Prestige and Challenges Associated” was organized on May 7 in Jaipur as part of the “Baccho Ki Sarkar Kaisi Ho?” campaign, sponsored by LIC and organized by Digital Baal Mela.

Aditya Kant Sharma, Senior Executive Editor of ‘The Statesman’, interacted directly with children from all over the country. During the session, the children had the opportunity to learn about the nuances of political journalism.

Children from Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Himachal, and all over the country participated in this special dialogue session organized on the topic “Political journalism and its associated prestige and challenges”.

At the beginning of the dialogue session, the chief guest shared the journey of more than two and a half decades of journalism with the children. In the question-and-answer session, Aditya Kant calmed the children’s curiosity by answering their questions. The questions asked by the children in this dialogue session around “Political Journalism” were:

Palak Chowdhary of Laxmangarh asked the chief guest about the role of a journalist when the dark truth of a political party is known.
Answer – While answering this, Aditya explained that when such truth comes to the fore, it is the responsibility of a journalist to first check the facts related to it. If the information is proven to be correct, it should be published fearlessly.

Kangra’s Divyanshi Sharma while asking her question said that how can one identify good and bad news sources in today’s time due to the increasing number of news channels on social media?
Answer – Responding to this, the Chief Guest suggested that in today’s time, a person should analyze the news by reading news from various news channels instead of relying on one source. Not only that, but the support of fact-checker news columns and news channels is also appropriate to deal with this dilemma.

It is worth mentioning that the Chief Guest, Mr. Aditya Sharma, described journalism as a complement to society. He stated that the condition of India in the Press Freedom Index is worrying, and one of the main reasons for this is social pressure.

Jahnavi Sharma, the founder of Digital Bal Mela, discussed how the children’s government should organize this dialogue session. Due to this campaign, a special children’s session will be organized in Shimla Vidhansabha on June 12. HP Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania has given this golden opportunity to the children. While appreciating this campaign, Himachal Chief Minister Mr. Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu called it useful for the political awareness of children.

The “Baccho Ki Sarkar Kaisi Ho?” campaign provides a unique platform for children to learn about politics and journalism. With this campaign, Digital Baal Mela has taken a significant step towards creating awareness among children about politics and the media.

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