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The Power Couple

Meet the super adorable duo of Ashwini Seth and Sonalika Bansal, who are the second-generation entrepreneurs of a family business that was founded by their father, Mr Rajendra Seth. Growing up in the natural smell of fabric lumps, Ashwini learned a lot about customer behavior and business sense right from his childhood days.

Whereas, his better half Sonalika Bansal works in tandem with him over the various aspects of Dennison’s e-commerce business. As a co-founder of Dennison, Sonalika focuses more on the Marketing and Sales side of the business.

She has a keen eye of the perception of market trends and understands the pulse of social media as well. And needless to say, the love of fabric runs in the family.

While Sonalika is a qualified MBA in Marketing and HR from ITM University (Gwalior) and also a Diploma-holder in Kathak from Raja Mansingh Tomar University, Gwalior, Ashwini holds an MBA in International Marketing from ITM University (Gwalior) and a degree in Fashion and Apparel Technology (JD institute Hauz Khas Delhi).

As an inspiring duo of entrepreneurs, Ashwini and Sonalika are full of ideas and give great importance to ‘customer connectivity’. They are a strong proponent of teamwork and inspiring leaders. They attribute the growth and success of their brand to their employees who work in tandem with relentless zeal and passion.

Without any further ado, we present an exclusive interview with Sonalika and Ashwini.

What made you start Dennison?

This was started by our father, Mr. Rajendra Seth with a single idea – how to make affordable ready to wear apparel lines for people when they had access only to a certain privileged section of society. In 1988, looking at people struggling to procure material and then getting it tailored, the enterprising, creative and hardworking, Mr. Rajendra Seth decided to sell his first ready to wear shirt in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh for Rs. 98. It was a bold move to make then. But his concept became a big hit and Dennison came into existence.

How was it started and how is it like now?

Today, Dennison is one of the well-known brands in the e-commerce space and is positioned as an affordable workwear fashion brand.

What are your plans of expansion?

As a part of our expansion, we will be soon launching Women Western and workwear and keep expanding in it for the next 2 years. By 2023, we are also planning to venture into men’s footwear and subsequently, we will also be adding for women. We have launched our Hemp-based sustainable collection and we will keep on expanding our Sustainable portfolio. Similarly, we will be adding Functionality clothing which will be our USP.

What is your success mantra?

Our success mantra is to look into the future of fashion. We never design our apparel based on the ongoing trends but, we rather work on future trends like colors, technology (bioengineered fabric), fashion forecast, sustainability- making products out of recycled waste etc. Another way is to understand that we have already started exploring and studying fashion in the Metaverse. How we can create digital fashion and how people can purchase clothes once they are in Metaverse. Soon we may come up with some big news on this!

One message for all our readers.

Fashion is to inspire, not to be followed!

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