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Shaping the Future of Cab Hailing

Aman Kumar, a tech-savvy final-year student pursuing BTech in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) at Chandigarh University, along with his young team, has pioneered a distinct cab-hailing startup – NextDrive India. The app is powered by AGC Cabs India Pvt. Ltd.

Pioneering a Distinctive Approach

The NextDrive App, which underwent a development phase of over 6 months, was unveiled in the presence of key figures including Aman Kumar, Founder & CEO of NextDrive India; Aditya Kumar, Business Operations Lead; Ashish Jangra, Tech Head; Avinash Kumar, Marketing Operations Lead; and Nitika Yadav, Graphic Designing Lead. It’s noteworthy that apart from Aman, Aditya and Ashish are also final-year students pursuing BTech in CSE at Chandigarh University.

Responding to queries about the launch of a cab-hailing app amidst the presence of multiple apps in the market, Aman Kumar explained, “We conducted an extensive market research that highlighted specific gaps and unmet needs within the existing cab-hailing industry. We identified these areas and have set our app apart by integrating innovation – offering novel features and services for the first time.”

Bridging Gaps with Novel Solutions

Speaking of the innovative features of the app, Aditya Kumar, Business Operations Lead, elaborated, “Our unique feature, FareSure, allows users to input their pickup and drop-off locations. The FareSure Predictor instantly computes and displays an estimated fare range. This empowers users to make the most of reduced fares, ultimately saving on transportation expenses.”

Ashish Jangra, Tech Head, added, “The app facilitates fare estimate comparison for various types of rides such as economy, premium, and shared. Users can then choose the option that aligns with their budget and preferences. Additionally, users can lock in a fare estimate for a specific ride.”

Aman further elaborated, “Dynamic pricing is absent in our model. Whether the booking is made during the day or night, charges remain consistent. We offer a diverse selection of premium cars on a unified platform. Moreover, our app is designed to allow users to seamlessly book cabs by automatically detecting their location, even if they aren’t familiar with the exact address. Alternatively, users can request a call back to communicate their location to operators.”

While most similar startups focus solely on customer support, NextDrive has introduced a driver-focused model.

Innovation and Insight

Avinash Kumar, Marketing Operations Lead, stated, “We charge a mere 5%-7% commission, enabling users to access services at a lower cost, while drivers can earn a substantial income. Drivers receive daily payments, and they benefit from health insurance coverage as well.”

Aditya added, “Considering recent incidents of attacks on drivers, we’ve prioritized their safety. We’ve introduced a 24/7 call support system for them, alongside top-notch security features.”

Nikita Yadav, Graphic Designing Lead, highlighted, “We’ve revamped the user interface design for easy comprehension, making it simpler for drivers to connect and collaborate with our app. A significant amount of effort has gone into crafting a user-friendly app. We’ve also introduced a ‘fleet drivers’ service.”

Explaining another distinctive aspect of the app, Ashish said, “The app provides historical data trends and real-time updates on fare variations, assisting users in identifying cost-effective times for rides and planning their journeys accordingly.”

“After establishing a foothold in the tricity region, our plan involves expanding into new cities with a strong demand for cab services. We will conduct meticulous market research to understand local preferences,” Avinash summarized.

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