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Stir-Fried Spicy Flat Noodles

Step 1
Boil one liter with salt and cooking oil. Now blanched one portion of flat noodles for 5 minutes. Drain the water, wash it with room temperature water and mix the cooked noodles with some cooking oil. Keep it aside.
Now take your favorite veggies. I took one carrot (small cut), one capsicum (julienne cut), one medium-size onion (finely chopped), 100 gms bok choy (coarsely chopped), two Thai chilies, and ginger with garlic (minced).
Step 2
Heat the wok and wash it with cold oil. It helps to prevent the items from sticking. Now add the cut veggies and stir in high flame. Add a little oil along with two tablespoons of soy sauce, one tablespoon each green chili, red chili sauce, black pepper powder, and white vinegar.
Stir fry in high flame continuously for 5-6 minutes till the ingredients meld properly. Add the flat noodles, mix them and stir fry continuously for 3-4 minutes.
To finish the dish, add a little salt as per your taste and a few drops of fish sauce to enhance the umami taste.
**For vegetarian preference – do not add the fish sauce. You can add a few drops of light soy sauce.

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