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A Year of Culinary Excellence

In celebration of its one-year anniversary, the Olive Café & Bar in Chandigarh extends its gratitude to patrons with captivating lucky dip birthday surprises. The guests stand a chance to win a meal for four and other exciting surprises, all while enjoying live music, cake cutting, and the opportunity to capture memories in a photo booth with polaroid giveaways! Adding to the festivities, the café also invites guests to join in staff flash mobs and savor delectable food and cocktails.

A Gourmet Menu

Curated by Chef Jyotika Malik and Anubhav Moza, the gourmet café menu boasts everyday elements such as handcrafted cocktails and an extensive wine selection by lead mixologist Harish Chhimwal. Whether relishing a leisurely lunch in the sun-kissed courtyard, a romantic dinner with live grills beneath the stars, or a vibrant evening with friends at the bar, the Olive Café & Bar offers an array of experiences.

According to AD Singh, the Founder & MD of The Olive Group of restaurants, “Olive is a lifestyle and an experience where we amalgamate delectable food, fresh cocktails, warmth, merriment, and genuine hospitality. We are thrilled to collaborate with Vishal Anand and Sampat Singh and eagerly anticipate our anniversary celebrations.”

At the heart of the experience is a menu that beautifully melds Mediterranean, European, and global flavors. Innovative signature cocktails like Teq-tonics, Sorbet Gin-Tos, and the Corn Party, a tribute to the city, offer an enticing range. The café keeps its offerings fresh with seasonal menus like Sunshine on a Plate, winter menu, and Colours of Summer, summer menu.

The café thrives on delivering immersive culinary and sensory experiences. Events like the enchanting Christmas transformation into a winter wonderland and the exclusive Valentine’s Day celebration in 2023, featuring a picturesque setting with live music and festive cocktails, have captivated guests.

The beverage program at OCB is of the highest quality. Utilizing seasonal ingredients and adhering to superior bar practices, the café avoids synthetics and focuses on house-made cordials and liqueurs. They intend to organize intriguing beverage festivals quarterly, following the success of the chocolate cocktail festival.

Mondays bring the enchanting Moonlit Magic, where Olive takes on a celestial glow, allowing guests to dine by candlelight under the stars. Special occasions and topical events, including special brunches and themed days like Earth Day and Chocolate Day, are celebrated with treats for guests.

Time for a Treat!

In honor of their birthday, guests are in for a treat.

Mark your calendars for enticing gift vouchers and irresistible offers (Friday to Sunday). The Love swing promises memorable moments, complete with take-home Polaroids until August 31st. Candlelit dinners with live music await on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Guests can also join the flash mob and revel in the balloon-filled festivities. Let’s get the party started!

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