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Stir-fried Mushrooms


100 gms button mushrooms

1 medium-size onion

1-inch ginger

3 green chilies

1 tbsp black pepper powder

2 tbsp cooking oil

Handful of parsley (curly)

½ lime piece

Salt to taste

Step 1

Clean the button mushroom and dice it. Soak the diced mushrooms in a bowl containing salt water for 15 minutes.

Step 2

Take a wok shaped pan, heat up with cooking oil and put the mushrooms to fry. Fry continuously in the high flame by moving the mushrooms.

Add the onion, ginger with little parsley, and stir fry it with the mushrooms.

Step 3

Add black pepper powder and a little salt to taste. Stir fry it for 5 minutes and to finish the dish. Serve your Stir-fried mushrooms by squeezing some lime juice, garnish with parsley and enjoy.

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