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She Can Find the Real You from Your Handwriting

Often, corporates approach Anjalee P Jain, a Numerologist, and Graphologist, with requests for analyzing the profile of the shortlisted candidates, for their attitude, abilities, character, and suitability to the job for which they were being considered.

She may be young, just about 23, but has years of practical experience in analyzing handwriting, something that she began doing as a Class VIII student in school and by the time she cleared her 10th boards had gained expertise in reading the handwriting.

Before she entered college, in the Plus two-stage, she learned Numerology, – first from a certified Guru and later self-educated through research and became so proficient at it that she began to practice.

While in college, she took to Vaastu and today offers it as part of her services to Builders, Architects and Home Buyers alike. She also earned a degree in Bachelors in Business Administration from the Centre for Management Studies in Bengaluru, where she grew up.

Hailing from a business family with origins to the Marwar region of Rajasthan, launching self into business was as natural as it was hereditary. And here she is, all in her 20s, handling an office in Bengaluru from where she operates, carrying out consultations, and teaching.

But what she counts as her most significant contribution is in the field of Graphology, a subject dealing with the analysis of hand-written words and sentences. “Yes, handwriting and signature of a person reveal their character, strengths and weaknesses to a trained mind and one can come to a fair assessment of the nature of the person and his or her possible approach to life and situations,” Anjalee told Tricity Scoop over the phone from her office.

While the Handwriting talks about the personality of the person in question, the Signature reveals the image the person is trying to project, she said and these come in very handy when assessing a person’s suitability for a job and whether the person is the right fit for the job, she said.

Often, companies approach her, and people like her, to analyze the handwriting of their staff, of course in the strictest of confidences. Have you ever wondered as to why candidates at interviews are asked to fill in a few forms, which may ask you to write about why you are suitable for the job? Chances are that the company is handing over these sheets to a Graphologist like Anjalee for analysis of the handwriting.

Yes, these days, more companies whether in IT or other big branded ones across sectors are resorting to Handwriting analysis, before hiring staff or for their employees, she said. “Sometimes we sit on interview board, but more often than not, we are given the handwritten sheets for analysis that we do behind the scenes,” she said.

Since we are carrying out a scientific and professional analysis, and do not have any contact or even know the name of the candidate, our considered advice is generally taken. And besides, our services are not free and since the company is paying, they are more serious about the advice they get,” Anjalee said.

Basically, what the companies want us to check and advise are on the possible qualities of the candidates. Whether they would be loyal, trustworthy, their confidence levels, and whether they would be up to the job requirements. Sometimes there is back and forth exchanges between the company and us on the candidate’s suitability for the job.

“I would like to advise the companies that they test the abilities and technical skills and capabilities and give 60 per cent weightage to it and give 40 per cent weightage to Handwriting Analysis and assessment,” she said.

“At best, what we offer are tools of assistance, both Numerology, and Graphology, and I would like to deploy a combination of these two for a proper assessment,” Anjalee said.

Soon, she is about to take her services to the rural areas, for free, so that she can spread awareness about these aspects to the youth entering the job market. She is also willing to teach Graphology and Numerology to anyone wanting to learn free of cost in villages to the underprivileged.

Already, she takes classes for Numerology at her office itself. The beginner’s course has the maximum number of students, followed by the professional level course. An advanced level course is held, once a year, as there are very few students at this level.

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