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Revolutionising the Healthcare Service Sector

An empathetic approach, a visionary acumen and an entrepreneurial zeal led Varun Gupta to lay the foundation stone of Zorgers Home Healthcare and ever since then, there has been no turning back!

What happens when the breadwinners of a family migrate out of their hometowns in search of better opportunities to big cities or a new country? Other than the obvious void, they leave behind their near and dear ones – usually ageing parents and sick or bedridden relatives – in need of companionship, and some cases, even a medically-trained caregiver.

Varun Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of Zorgers Home Healthcare, became acutely aware of this problem when he left Amritsar to pursue engineering in Gurdaspur, Punjab. The importance of healthcare had dawned on him early after he lost his father when he was 11, but the need for companionship became evident when he left home and his mother was all alone and that’s what motivated him to lay the foundation stone of Zorgers (2015) along with his friends Anil and Abhinav who left their affluent corporate jobs to contribute indispensably to the healthcare sector. Tricity Scoop talks to Varun to know more about Zorgers and his future plans.

What was your vision while starting Zorgers?

Zorgers was founded with a vision to organize the home healthcare service space. Finding a trusted and skilled caregiver near you with continuity of care has always been a challenge, so we started Zorgers with the view to find a solution to this problem. We are headquartered in Mohali, Punjab with branch offices in Ludhiana and Jallandhar.

What is the USP of Zorgers?

Care-giving is at the heart of our business model which makes caregivers the most important people in the journey. The way one hires them, trains them, engages with them on day-to-day basis and most importantly, retain them defines the success of this journey. We are treating Caregivers as partners in the journey that truly makes us unique. We take pride in building the largest Caregiver network in the North region.

What are the various services that you have in store? How much do you charge for the same?

We provide the most basic level of care, which is called as assisted living-cum-companionship for dependent elders as well as children to the most advanced level of care such as Intensive Care setups at home for bedridden patients. The charges for our services vary from INR 300 for about an hour of basic support to as high as INR 10,000 per day for intensive care.

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