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Post Pandemic, More and More People are Seeking Help: Wellness Coach Joyita

Most of the issues within us begin with the mind and so, the healing and wellness process must begin with the mind only. So is the consensus among many wellness and faith healers like Joyita, who has been practising Reiki for the past 23 years.

She believes that healing has to be done by reducing stress.

A wellness coach, Joyita (she uses one name) is on a mission to channelize the flow of energy to create a positive difference in the lives of the people by using a holistic approach to healing and energizing. Well-versed in multiple healing techniques, she adapts the healing approach to the individual and to the context.

Joyita has undergone training under masters of each of the techniques and is herself a Reiki Master. Working in this area for more than two decades, Joyita has positively impacted many people across the world with her holistic healing.

She has some amazing recovery case studies to her credit. And at a personal level, she brings deep compassion to her interactions with seekers, which elevates the healing process to a spiritual and emotional level.

The pandemic, Joyita told Tricity Scoop over the phone from Delhi, has had varying impacts on different people’s lives, and now people are looking for happiness. Happiness cannot be bought, it is something inside you, and it involves finding the small moments, she said. “Lot of people are seeking out help now more than ever before,” Joyita said.

Many more people, as compared to earlier, are looking for mental wellbeing, rather than stress. Earlier people wanted a better job if they had a good one and had a lot of material expectations. But what the pandemic has done is that people are now looking at and for moments of happiness, — moments of spending with family, simple pleasures of cooking for the family, fun time with family – happiness avenues that were present earlier also, but they were never valued.

Human beings have short-lived memories and until and unless they are pushed and are jerked into reality, they would like to be in that state. This was nature’s way of telling people that what you are doing is that you are staying in a make-believe world. This is not reality.

When we talk about healing, we are speaking of connecting to nature. Now there are a lot of people who are taking the help seriously – going out for walks more frequently, growing plants, they are investing in the greenery around them, and in fact, people are discovering the right ways of doing things. Let us not pollute, as it is us who will suffer.

So along with healing, we have a social message also – let us not dump garbage in our body, and let us not park garbage in our thoughts, we are always jealous of others. Hatred, anger, greed this is the junk that people were putting inside their minds, she said and added, food and other pleasures they were putting in their body.

“So, total cleansing is one that deals with mind, body, and soul,” she said.

“The pandemic period was the time when we worked with a lot of people, did a lot of workshops – on self-love, self-sabotage, on gratitude,” Joyita said and added that she largely worked with women. Most of the participants are women, they are from various walks of life.

Joyita’s entire work has been online, for the past many years, and was ‘Covid-ready’ if one were to describe her work mode. So, the pandemic did not make any difference to her work and business. If not anything, the pandemic had made her reach out to more people, to help them without charging any money.

She also holds free workshops and the most recent one was on creating awareness, accepting, and embracing cancer – Breast Cancer Awareness. “I do a free weekly healing session, and I have 400 healing requests with me,” Joyita said. It has been more than a year since she has been holding the free sessions. “I do one meditation every month,” she said.

Her most recent workshop was on creating awareness, accepting & embracing cancer. October month is regarded as Breast Cancer Awareness month. This workshop was organized by her in collaboration with Dr Nupur, a Mindfulness teacher, and a medical hypnotherapist.

In the Instagram session, Joyita stressed the healing perspective in accepting cancer and Dr Nupur shared her mindfulness practice in embracing changes that cancer brings. This technique can bring a comprehensive change in the realm of healing. This approach assists individuals who want to explore their spiritual side in a safe, gentle, and effective manner.

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