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Now, Here Come Branded Goodies for Your Pooches

There are many women who are busting the age-old myth that they have to make a choice between career and motherhood. Among them is Sakshi Bawa, the founder of Mutt Of Course, a growing domestic pet brand.

Just goes to show that moms can do anything! She thought of launching the country’s arguably the first fashion pet brand for dogs. And she is happy, and in profit, that she did when she did, three years ago, out of her love for dogs.

The idea of starting a fashionable pet accessory brand occurred to her when she was looking for products for her own pet and found them to be “extremely banal and lackluster.”

That’s why her brand – ‘Mutt Of Course’ – makes it a point to keep its products trendy and super fun. “We started by introducing the first-ever organic denim collection for dogs in India,” Sakshi told Tricity Scoop as she counted 10 products that her company rolled out.

Her journey as an entrepreneur has not been easy, as in the beginning “not many people took me seriously and were unwilling to support,” she said. Her penchant of wanting to make products for pets was initially laughed off.

“Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey and there are a lot of hard choices. It took time and grit, but we pulled through and made the brand what it is today. We are proud to say that in 3 years we’ve designed over 600 products – all made in India,” Sakshi said.

Introducing products the market has never seen before comes with anxious thoughts of failure.

There were a lot of uncertainties as they had no precedent pattern to follow. Despite the challenges, she remained bullish with lots of plans for the future and she now wants to expand her collections with unique partnerships and designs.

‘Mutt Of Course’ recent official Harry Potter Collection is an example of what more to expect from her. This year she plans to expand the Mutt Of Course family with new team members and many more partner stores.

One thing she really values and is happy about is her relationships with customers. All suggestions made by the consumers are always taken seriously.

“Listening to customers helps us set goals with our products and services to meet and exceed their expectations,” she said and added “Seen that Expectation vs. Reality meme? We like to deliver the exact opposite of that.” Sakshi said.

What is her secret of success?

To a large extent, it is the thought process behind the products and their designs, powered by good marketing strategies.

“All our products were initially designed with the intention of making the pet’s and pet parent’s life a lot easier. Over time, we’ve learned that pet parents want to pamper their pets with fun products, designed to give a personalized feel and also unique prints that customers can proudly flaunt. Mutt Of Course also makes sure that marketing is always unconventional and different, always talking about fun and relatable things that make the brand much more memorable and easier to connect with,” she explained.

Her ambition: To make Mutt Of Course, the one-stop-shop for well – thought, beautifully designed, and high-quality pet products.

From a small enterprise to a full-fledged business with over 600 products, 30 collections, and over 100 well-established partner stores, her journey spanning three years is already exhilarating. And she really values her partnership, the first for an Indian pet brand, with Warner Bros.

You can follow Mutt Of Course by visiting their website or by following them on social media:






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