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No Gloom Here at Bloom Coffee Roasters

Before anything else, we at BCR are lovers of great coffee. Making great speciality coffee available to everyone, and making it accessible and fun is what we are working towards.

In times of lockdown, these three tricity youngsters came together with this brilliant idea of starting this venture – Sharang Sharma (31), Shivansh Sharma (25) and Tejasvi Verma (30).

Sharang says, “The perception of coffee being a bitter beverage, made just to wake you up is changing! We want to make you experience just how delicious, and flavourful great coffee can be! We work with passionate planters who put their heart into the coffee, and then we roast the beans in small lots with tonnes care and love. For us coffee deserves to be savoured just like a fine glass of wine or a great single malt!”

“India has been producing some fantastic coffees since that one Sufi (Baba Budan) went and stole those famous beans from Arabia and planted it on the hence famous hill (Bababudan Giri). We are committed to getting some of the best green coffees available from these amazing planters, roasting them and getting them out there for you to cherish”, says Shivansh.

Tejasvi says, “We roast small batches and make sure each batch is given the attention and care it deserves. Each batch is logged to ensure consistency in each cup. We cup coffees everyday (just another reason for us to have more coffee) to ensure that the beans match the level they need to be at, every time. Surprises are fun, but consistency is a lot more fun!”

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At Bloom Coffee Roasters, Speciality coffee is for everyone!

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